(mŭl′tē-kŭl′tē) Informal
An advocate of multicultural theory or a supporter of multicultural values.

[Shortening and alteration of multicultural.]


(Sociology) short for multicultural
(Sociology) short for multiculturalism


(ˌmʌl tiˈkʌl ti)
Informal. multicultural.
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8220;I worked hard to obtain a line-up that pops with character-driven sizzle; delivers a historical punch; and showcases the multiculti richness of New York,” says Caroline Shin.
He jabbed at an eight-by-eight glossy of a multiculti toddler in madras overalls kneeling and hugging a golden retriever pup.
7 GORAN KAJFES, X/Y (Headspin) Little-known outside his home country, this Croatian-born young Swedish trumpeter unveiled an invigorating double CD of loose-limbed, multiculti progressive jazz (picking up where the likes of Miles Davis, Don Cherry, and Jon Hassell left off) and steamy fourth-world ambience.
It might seem sensible to dismiss Talbot's post-9/1 I critique as typical facetious opportunism, a mercenary's chance to rehearse familiar--and by then already dated--cudgels against the alleged vacuum left in literary studies by "the multiculti buzz" and the "overthrowing |of] the old canon" (Talbot 2001).
265 (1978), Ford notes that black nationalism's "goal of social, economic and cultural autonomy was reduced in its multiculti knockoff to ethnic theme houses and an empty and defensive celebration of isolated and impoverished ghettos under the rubric of 'community.
The book, which is as multiculti as it gets ( which is not surprising, for O'Neill is a US citizen of Irish and Turkish descent, and grew up in Denmark), has also piqued interest in cricket in the US.
Barack Obama seems like the personification of the RenGen: With his authenticity, multiculti background, and grassroots-oriented decentralized campaign, he could be the poster boy for your book.
The multiculti entrepreneur has made her name in fashion, fragrance and entertainment.
Watching Senator Obama campaigning with his black wife, his Indonesian-Caucasian half-sister, his ChineseCanadian brother-in-law, and all their multiculti kids, it seems clear that the binary, black-and-white--not to mention black-or-white--days are already behind us.
The consequences are what we live with in the West now--loss of genuine cultural identity in the multiculti state, fragmentation of the social structure caused by mischievously conceived immigration policies, disbelief in absolute values, erosion of faith in traditional structures of authority from the family on up.
And for an immigrant to say he's prepared to accept citizenship only if in doing so he can reject the constitutional order is, even by the standards of our postmodern multiculti identity, almost too exquisite a parody.
Add to that the emergence of feminism in the arts, plus the embrace of the entire smorgasbord of multiculti artistic influences, and it is clear that Betty Woodman's oeuvre serves as a perfect lens to understand the evolution of American art following World War II.
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