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 (mŭl′tē-dĭs′ə-plə-nĕr′ē, -tī-)
Of, relating to, or making use of several disciplines at once: a multidisciplinary approach to teaching.


(Education) of or relating to several subjects or disciplines


(ˌmʌl tiˈdɪs ə pləˌnɛr i, ˌmʌl taɪ-)

combining several specialized branches of learning or fields of expertise.


[ˌmʌltɪˈdɪsɪplɪnərɪ] ADJmultidisciplinario


adj multidisciplinario, multidisciplinar
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19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NAV Valuation & Advisory LLC ("NAV") launched today, creating a unique, multidisciplinary corporate advisory firm with a simultaneous focus on investment valuation, investment auditing, and corporate advisory services for the alternative investment industry.
to work with a multidisciplinary team when managing pregnancy in women with genetic conditions.
He believes that his multidisciplinary approach has helped him provide a high level of service to a wide range of clients.
Objective: INNOVATIVE will enable the systematic integration of novel aerospace technologies through the training of 24 researchers through a comprehensive multidisciplinary programme.
Gynecologic cancers; a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management.
Book Launch and Lecture: Urbanization and Development: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Oxford University Press)
Students noted the tendency of public health programs to overstate their objectives with respect to both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration and knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) opportunities.
Multidisciplinary team working has been implemented in cancer care systems throughout Europe, the US and Australia, without any clear evidence for its effectiveness.
Breast cancer; a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management.
Chronic Pain Management: Guidelines for Multidisciplinary Program Development.
Summary: King Mohammed VI of Morocco inaugurated, here Thursday, a multidisciplinary complex for young entrepreneurs and launched the construction works of a social complex, at a total cost of $ 14.
Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton work collaboratively with nephrologists in the management of patients with end stage renal disease providing structured multidisciplinary care to improve patient outcomes and quality of life within the chronic disease setting.

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