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adj. Biology
Having many clefts forming lobes: multifid leaves.


(ˈmʌltɪfɪd) or


having or divided into many lobes or similar segments: a multifid leaf.
[C18: from Latin multifidus, from multus many + findere to split]
ˈmultifidly adv
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Your external muscles can start to work hard to the point where your core muscles"--the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transversus abdominis and multifidus, all deep under the surface--"decide to take a backseat.
Sulle banche dati PubMed, DARE, Cochrane, Cinhal, Medline, Tripdatabase e stata utilizzata la seguente stringa: multifidus OR "lumbar stabilization" OR "core stability" OR "muscle stabilization" OR "stabilization training" OR "stabilization exercise".
3) Pezolato et al (4) found that the multifidus muscles demonstrated greater fatty infiltrate in subjects with swayback posture, with or without symptoms, in comparison to a control group.
Preliminary investigation of the mechanisms underlying the effects of manipulation: exploration of a multivariate model including spinal stiffness, multifidus recruitment, and clinical findings.
1992) because the onset time of their multifidus (MF) and transverse abdominus (TrA), which are deep muscles, are delayed and their ability to mobilize these muscles is reduced (Hodges and Richardson, 1999).
They consist of several different muscles, the major ones being: internal and external obliques (sides of your abs), the diaphragm, the longissimus thoracis (back), the transversus abdominis (from back to front like a corset), multifidus (low back area) and rectus abdominis (six-pack).
Dinamik lomber stabilizasyon, kor stabilizasyon ve motor kontrol egzersizleri, transversus abdominis, lomber multifidus egitimi ve segmental stabilizasyon olarak da tanimlanan bu egzersiz programlari bel agrili hastalarin govde kaslarini kontrol edebilmelerindeki yetersizlikten yola cikilarak omurganin dinamik stabilitesinde onemli rolleri olduguna inanilan bazi govde kaslarinin motor kontrolunu, gucunu ve enduransini arttirmayi hedefler (24,25).
With Aurlia Gouthroii Multifidus, artist Carol Gouthro mined the ocean for inspiration.
This group primarily includes the poly segmental muscles--the lumbar components of longissimus and iliocostalis, and multifidus (Bogduk and Twomey 1987), and are often termed the lumbar erector spinae.
Trunk extensors such as the multifidus of the transversospinalis group and erector spinae are often tight due to loads placed on them when bending forward: eccentric loads when flexing forward, isometric loads maintaining a bent-forward posture, and eccentric loads when returning to erect position.
This section will place emphasis on neuro-musculoskeletal principles, by focusing on the kinematics of the lumbar multifidus muscles.
Differences in electromyographic activity in the multifidus muscle and the iliocostalis lumborum between healty subjects and patients with sub-acute and chronic low back pain.