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Numerous and varied; manifold.


many times doubled; manifold


(ˈmʌl təˌfoʊld)

numerous and varied; manifold.
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Since then the company has grown multifold and today offers a variety of PPE for head, hand and body protection catering to food, healthcare and industrial market segments.
He also recognized the multifold benefits of such projects which would contribute to refining the financial canvas of the economy through the educated youth of Pakistan.
56 billion by 2018, raising the risk factor for all nature of privacy breaches and leaks multifold.
The IT department issued notices to them after scanning their assets filed in the last two elections and noticing multifold rise in their property.
Further, the report states that due to the evolving IT landscape and varying business requirements, complexity of IT systems in organizations has grown multifold.
Since the needs are multifold, the Request for Proposal (RFP) may result in multiple
Icertis raised a seed round in 2012, and has seen multifold year-over-year customer and revenue growth for the last two years.
Lalu Samuel, chairman of Kingston Holdings; chief executive officer and managing director of Xpelair Middle East, said: "Xpelair is a very reputed brand, and this joint venture is very valuable and also we are confident of growing this business multifold in the coming years.
The rise in fan interest has been multifold, as suggested in the numbers garnered on IPL's digital properties.
In today's world, the need for properly understanding the true meanings of Qur'an has increased multifold.
The arid regions of the Middle East are seeking a similar multifold approach to water management and are investing heavily in water projects.
This is one of the most successful programmes that we run here at WCMC-Q and the reason for that is multifold.

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