Of or relating to several generations: multigenerational family traditions.
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MURIEL'S Wedding star Toni Collette (inset) will play a therapist trying to keep the spark alive in her marriage in a BBC series about a multigenerational family penned by Constellations playwright Nick Payne, it has been announced.
And while co-borrowing has become a trend in home buying, so has multigenerational living.
Slightly harder to characterize than the old normative family, its attributes often include multigenerational households, the absence of a marriage, family members spread among more than one household, multi-partner attachments over time and multi-partner fertility, meaning adults with more than one co-parent.
amp; Bauer, R,, (2016) Multigenerational challenges: Team-building for positive clinical workforce outcomes.
Invitation to Bid: Henderson multigenerational center floor restoration
Europe, home to 56 new billionaires, has a long history with multigenerational wealth.
A survey of 32,000 employees at restaurant giant McDonald's showed the benefits of a multigenerational workforce.
The importance of embracing the multigenerational nursing team is discussed, including the importance of appreciating the differences and expertise of every nurse.
Multigenerational living, which usually means three generations crammed together under one roof, has never been in higher demand.
And in increasing numbers, these generations are turning to franchise systems to invest in, creating a wide spectrum of multigenerational owners in the franchising industry.
Being a multigenerational advisor has become a hot topic these days in the insurance and financial services industries.
When we first started, we never thought much about multigenerational planning and never made it a priority.