Of or relating to several generations: multigenerational family traditions.
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A rapidly aging workforce has increased concerns about the growing "skills-gap" and manufacturers are now facing the challenges of managing a multigenerational workforce.
And Forbes Magazine agrees, stating multigenerational family travel tops the list of travel trends for the next 5 years.
When we first started, we never thought much about multigenerational planning and never made it a priority.
Multigenerational awareness informs society of the following generational characteristics: (2)
Allegiance'' is a multigenerational tale with two love stories that's framed by a Japanese-American war veteran looking back on his family's time in a Wyoming camp.
NINETY-ONE per cent of respondents say that they try to take a multigenerational trip every year, it has emerged in a new survey conducted by Preferred Hotel Group in the US.
com suggests that most Americans do not fear the prospect of heading a multigenerational household.
The other building chiller loops include Dobson Library, Broadway Recreation, Convention Center Building A, ITD Data Center, Utilities, Communication, Senior Center, Red Mountain Library, Red Mountain MultiGenerational.
The Heffner Agency, a multigenerational family-owned insurance company, will soon relocate to 40 Wall Street, a.
Illustrated with vintage black-and-white photographs and reproductions of correspondence throughout, What We Leave Behind: Four Generations in Cicero, Illinois (None of Them Knew Al Capone) is a multigenerational family memoir.
Around 70 million years ago, the plant-eating reptiles probably lived in multigenerational herds--just like modern grazers, a dinosaur track site in Alaska suggests.
Many felt trapped in "The Squeeze Generation" in which three in four African American adults live in multigenerational households where they serve as breadwinners sacrificing for needs of their children and aging parents.