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a.1.Consisting of, or having, many lobes.
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A typical neutrophil consists of a neutral pink coloured cytoplasm and a multilobed nucleus.
Clinical examination of oral cavity revealed cauliflower like multilobed mass attached to gum in region behind left canine and premolar teeth of maxilla.
The multilobed heads on star-drive screws offer much better gripping power and are less likely to strip out.
The unusual shape of the body of Pogonogaster with a multilobed abdomen, the thin gnarled sides of the pronotum, and its greenish yellow color help it blend in with mosses and the epiphytes growing on the trees, as occurs with other genera of related mantids such as Pseudopogonogaster Beier, 1942; Carrikerella Hebard, 1921 and certain phasmids belonging to the genera Mirophasma (Redtenbacher, 1906), Acanthoclonia (Stal, 1875) and Laciniobethra Conle, Henneman & Gutierrez, 2014 (AYALA & ONORE, 2001; SALAZAR & CARREJO, 2002; SALAZAR, 2006; GUTIERREZ & BACCA, 2014; GUTIERREZ-VALENCIA et al, 2014).
Studies have shown that the serum of patients with clozapine-induced agranulocytosis is toxic for the multilobed leukocytes of healthy individuals [11].
10) established that LAA is multilobed in 80% (two or more lobes) in 500 heart specimens from autopsies during a 22-year period.
Game-Friedman-Paradice syndrome' is one of those syndromes, which is a relatively rare condition characterized by fetal growth retardation, hydrocephaly, hypoplastic multilobed lungs, and various other anomalies.
09 jam in length, n = 50) were hyperchromatic and pleomorphic, and sometimes bilobed or multilobed (Fig.
The symbiont-containing organ of vestimentiferans is a complex multilobed structure with a sophisticated blood vascular system occupying the whole trunk region (van der Land and Norrevang, 1977; Gardiner and Jones, 1993; Malakhov et al.
Ovary acinous, deeply multilobed, with about 12 lobes, median, pre-testicular, wider than long, anterior to midbody, measuring 0.
Structural Control of Multilobed Latex Particles Formed During Two-Stage Emulsion Polymerization Reactions," Proc.
Postabdomen: ep well-developed and elongated dorsoventrally with relatively large posteroventrally directed opening; cerc large with 4 strong, but short spines in addition to several fine setulae, hyp distinct with long flange directed towards base of abdomen, ph apd long and free from hyp, ej apd not recognisable (not sclerotised at all), prg in form of large, heavily sclerotized, anterolaterally directed spine and psg modified into a large sclerotized multilobed structure.