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Noun1.multimedia system - transmission that combine media of communication (text and graphics and sound etc.)multimedia system - transmission that combine media of communication (text and graphics and sound etc.)
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
hypermedia, hypermedia system, interactive multimedia, interactive multimedia system - a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and can be presented together
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Even if a practitioner does not want to invest in a full-fledged multimedia system, hardware currently purchased should meet minimum standards so that future upgrades and system expansions can accommodate a multimedia system.
In order to create a multimedia system, your PC should have at least 386 K of RAM, says Joel Dreyfuss, editor of PC Magazine.
a global market leader in mobile packet core solutions, today announced it successfully participated in the Global MultiService Forum's global multi-vendor interoperability IP Multimedia System (IMS) event on October 16-27, 2006.
11 Multimedia System to Solve the Last 25-Meter Problem for Triple Play Providers, PCCW First Provider To Bundle Ruckus Wireless's New System
One example of a new ZEOS multimedia system is a ZEOS system based on Intel Corporation's (NASDAQ-NMS: INTC) 486DX2 66MHz microprocessor.
Ericsson Instant Talk is based on the IP Multimedia System (IMS) core network open interfaces and is developed to work across GSM/GPRS, EDGE, CDMA2000, WCDMA and WLAN networks.
NASDAQ: ZEOS) now have the option to upgrade to a complete CD-ROM-based multimedia system, the company announced today.
This standardised network approach will allow car manufacturers, their suppliers and even the eventual vehicle owner to customise the in-car multimedia system easily, as and when required.
NOTE: Stealth and Speedstar are trademarks of Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.
Blaupunkt and Kenwood are leading suppliers in the field of car audio and car multimedia systems.

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