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1. Having given birth two or more times.
2. Giving birth to more than one offspring at a time.

mul′ti·par′i·ty (mŭl′tĭ-păr′ĭ-tē) n.


the condition or process of producing more than one offspring at one birth. — multiparous, adj.
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n. multiparidad.
1. condición de una mujer que ha tenido más de un parto logrado;
2. parto múltiple.
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Risk factors associated with abdominal pregnancy include tubal damage, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, assisted reproductive techniques and multiparity.
Following Panchal, Arria, and Labhsetwar (2001), we constructed measures of comorbidities related to obstetrical patients (maternal infection, maternal diabetes, maternal obesity, fetal problems affecting mother, grand multiparity, elderly primagravida or multigravida, abnormal fetal heart rate or rhythm, uterine rupture, obstructed labor, long labor, umbilical cord complication, other maternal complications, and insufficient prenatal care) that might affect the need for anesthesia or risk of complication.
Other factors to be considered in explaining racial differences include late menarche, early first birth, multiparity, low HRT usage and a diet typically low in fat.
The backward logistical regression analysis showed that the following factors were independent predictors of outcome, namely multiparity, Bishop score, pre-eclampsia and prelabour rupture of membranes (Table III).
With features like virtualization, snapshot, multiparity raid and active active configurations we provide unmatched benefits to our mutual partners and their customers.
But they also noted that their findings are in accord with those from earlier studies suggesting a link between low birth weight and various mental disorders, as well as between maternal education level and attempted suicide; teenage motherhood and attempted and completed suicide; and multiparity of at least four and major suicide risk factors.
1 and 2) and is predicted by maternal cobalamin status and factors expected to put a strain on maternal cobalamin status, such as multiparity (11).
having a sexual partner), and the absence of severe vaginal laceration (Grudzinskas and Atkinson, 1984), and multiparity, as those with other children resume sooner than do first-time parents (Fischman, Rankin, Soeken, & Lenz, 1986).
Associated factors include multiparity, advanced maternal age, simultaneous pre-eclampsia and Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome.
Even in the best of circumstances, factors such as obesity, hypoestrogenism, acivanced age, poor nutrition, extreme life activity, multiparity Northern European descent, smoking, prior reparative surgery, and diabetes may reduce the success of transvaginal mesh procedures and increase complications.
Previous studies did find multiparity as a risk factor for hypertension in pregnancy, however, they reported an increased risk the nulliparous women had a different partner (24, 25).