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 (mŭl′tə-plĕt′, -plĭt)
1. A spectral line having more than one component, representing slight variations in the energy states characteristic of an atom.
2. Any group of subatomic particles that are similar in most properties, but have different electric charges, such as the nucleons, which form a doublet, or the pions, which form a triplet.


(ˈmʌltɪˌplɛt; -plɪt)
1. (General Physics) a set of closely spaced lines in a spectrum, resulting from small differences between the energy levels of atoms or molecules
2. (General Physics) a group of related elementary particles that differ only in electric charge
[from multiple; on the model of doublet]
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The compound 2 has two (adjacent) stereocenters giving rise to two multiplets (2H) at 4.
Contract award: multiplets with superconducting magnets for the superfragmentseperator.
70 which could be ascribed to protons at C-1 position and multiplets of
CTM4XAS and CTM4RIXS are semi-empirical programs to analyze transition metal L- and M- edge transitions by evaluating the effects of crystal field and charge transfer parameters on the atomic multiplets.
2 ISR for every child born of a twin pregnancy, triplets or multiplets, starting from the second child born into such a birth.
The influence of coronal EUV irradiance on the emission in the HeI 10830[Angstrom] and D3 multiplets.
The remaining protons resonated as multiplets in the aromatic region ([delta] 6.
This was traced to the fact that some lens-coupling fluid within the collimator and camera lens multiplets was degraded as a result of a previously unrecognised chemical reaction between the fluid and its surrounding polyurethane bladder.

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