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n. pl. mum·mer·ies
1. A performance by mummers.
2. A pretentious or hypocritical show or ceremony.

[French mommerie, from Old French momer, to wear a mask, pantomime.]


n, pl -meries
1. (Theatre) a performance by mummers
2. hypocritical or ostentatious ceremony


(ˈmʌm ə ri)

n., pl. -mer•ies.
1. a performance by mummers.
2. any absurd, false, or ostentatious performance or ceremony.


1. a performance by mummers, performers wearing masks or fantastic disguises.
2. any showy but empty performance.
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Noun1.mummery - meaningless ceremonies and flattery
hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning


n (old)Pantomimenspiel nt; (fig)Mummenschanz m
References in classic literature ?
Heyward possessed some knowledge of the mummery practised among the Indians, in the cases of such supposed visitations.
The fraud went through some more mummery, and then made grave announcement:
When they were all gone, and when Trabb and his men - but not his boy: I looked for him - had crammed their mummery into bags, and were gone too, the house felt wholesomer.
Your highness must break short this present mummery.
I do not choose to be a party to this mummery of--"
In extraordinary cases, the poor savages called in the aid of their own doctors or conjurors, who officiated with great noise and mummery, but with little benefit.
Whilst we speak the loadstone is withdrawn; down falls our filing in a heap with the rest, and we continue our mummery to the wretched shaving.
If you have any mummery to go through with, there's a very good God the Father in that mortar yonder, in stone, which we stole from Saint-Pierre aux Boeufs.
The attention so recently strained on one object of interest, was now divided among a hundred; and look where you would, there was a motley assemblage of feasting, laughing, talking, begging, gambling, and mummery.
Astonished at what he saw, the Councillor asked what was the meaning of all this mummery, and who that man was.
They needed little to release the accumulated pressure of static nerve force which the terrorizing mummery of the witch-doctor had induced.
As for elves and fairies, and other such mummery, I purposely omit the mention of them, as I should be very unwilling to confine within any bounds those surprizing imaginations, for whose vast capacity the limits of human nature are too narrow; whose works are to be considered as a new creation; and who have consequently just right to do what they will with their own.