municipal corporation

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munic′ipal corpora′tion

a city, town, or other district that operates under a corporate charter granted by the state; a municipality.
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There are 166 union councils in the district of which 93 were for district council and 73 for the Municipal Corporation Gujranwala.
While addressing, Hamza Shehbaz said that local bodies board will decide the candidates of election of mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen and vice chairmen of District Councils and chairmen and vice chairmen of Municipal Corporations for next step of first phase of local bodies elections held in 12 districts of Punjab and forms for office of mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen, vice chairmen District Councils and chairmen and vice chairmen of Municipal Corporation can be downloaded from the website and facebook of Pakistan Muslim League-N.
The fresh figures were released by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on Thursday.
PESHAWAR -- The district administration and municipal corporation officials apprehended 48 shopkeepers, hotel owners and butchers in an operations carried out in various parts of city, an official said on Wednesday.
Table 37: Regional Details about Delhi and Municipal Corporation of Delhi Table 38: Delhi Solid Waste Management Vehicle Fleet Size, 2013 Table 39: Regional Details about Chennai and Chennai Municipal Corporation Table 40: Chennai Solid Waste Management Vehicle Fleet Size, 2013 Table 41: Solid Waste Management Vehicles Market Size, By Vehicle Type, By Volume, 2013 Table 42: Services Covered Under Public Private Partnership, By Cities Table 43: Antony Motors Pvt.
The result of the polls for municipal committees would be declared this evening, whereas municipal corporation results would be announced on June 4.
Out of 64, there are 35 women in the East Delhi Municipal Corporation, there are 56 and 53 women respectively in South Delhi Municipal Corporation and North Delhi Municipal Corporation.
While the county considers forming a municipal corporation, many local residents were anxious to weigh in with their comments.
He cited the state constitution, laws and legal precedents in asserting that contrary to Los Angeles' claim, city property does not belong to the municipal corporation but to the people who use the facilities.
The bonds are secured by the trust estate established under the indenture, payable solely from payments received from the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, a municipal corporation which pledges its unlimited ad valorem taxes on property coterminous with Marion County, Indiana.
Tenders are invited for Supply of skilled, trained manpower (contracting methods) for fire and emergency services of latur city municipal corporation,latur

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