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Noun1.municipal note - a municipal debt instrument with a maturity of less than 2 years
note of hand, promissory note, note - a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time; "I had to co-sign his note at the bank"
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If the FDIC did borrow from the Treasury, it would be subject to some costs, and the automatic increase in bank insurance premiums would probably generate political heat for the FDIC; however, these costs are likely to be less than those faced by corporate and municipal note issuers.
Municipal CUSIP requests slumped 2% in November, with a total of 1,568 new IDs requested industry-wide, led by a sharp drop in sort term municipal note volume.
is pleased to announce the formation of a Pennsylvania Municipal Note Public Finance Department.
NatWest Financial Markets Group, NatWest Bancorp's securities arm, ranks among the nation's top 20 municipal note underwriters.
Both of these agencies independently gave each note its highest rating available for municipal note issues.
During 1992, Moody's assigned 458 short-term municipal note ratings, compared with 451 ratings in 1991.
The long-term 'AAA' rating assigned to the notes is based on the financial support provided by a municipal note insurance policy issued by Financial Security Assurance Inc.
During 1991, Moody's assigned 451 short-term municipal note ratings, compared with 326 assigned during 1990.

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