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tr.v. mu·nic·i·pal·ized, mu·nic·i·pal·iz·ing, mu·nic·i·pal·iz·es
1. To place under municipal ownership.
2. To make into a municipality.

mu·nic′i·pal·i·za′tion (-pə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


nÜbernahme fdurch die Stadt or durch die Gemeinde
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On Wednesday, the infrastructure inaugurated by the governor of central Bie province, Alvaro Manuel de Boavida Neto, is part of the municipalization program of Health Services.
Nationalization or municipalization of urban land with the socialization of the large and medium-sized companies of civil construction.
In 1928, a dubious financial transaction preceding the municipalization of a water utility came to light.
During the municipalization debate, several civic leaders had recommended commission management.
Russia has seen wide scale muniCipalization of property as part of its reform processes and as a result municipalities are important property owners with 40% of public property belonging to municipalities, representing 16% of Russia's capital funds (Daniellian, 2002).
151) Not only will municipalization spawn rate decrease, but it will also encourage "competition with the big utilities" and promote increased reliability.
Critics fear the bill will lead to the municipalization of First Nations and could undermine the all-important nation-to-nation relationship with the Crown that is the underpinning of Aboriginal and treaty rights.
In July 1918, a committee attached to the Moscow Soviet began the municipalization of the largest firms in the city, including the famous department store Muir & Mirrielees, and then mid- and small-scale retailers.
During his time as deputy mayor, he was responsible for the municipalization of the city's electricity and the modernization of municipal and regional transport systems.
Legislation was proposed in California to promote municipalization of investor-owned utility systems.
The power crunch in California has unleashed municipalization campaigns across the western states.