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1. often muniments Law Documentary evidence by which one can defend a title to property or a claim to rights.
2. Archaic A means of defense or protection.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin mūnīmentum, from Latin, defense, protection, from mūnīre, to fortify; see munition.]


rare a means of defence
[C15: via Old French, from Latin munīre to defend]


(ˈmyu nə mənt)

1. muniments, Law. a document by which rights or privileges are defended or maintained.
2. Archaic. a defense or protection.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Medieval Latin mūnīmentum document for use in defense against a claimant, Latin: defense =mūnī(re) to fortify (see munition) + -mentum -ment]
References in classic literature ?
It is sufficient to know that the name to which I do myself the honour to refer, will ever be treasured among the muniments of our house (I allude to the archives connected with our former lodgers, preserved by Mrs.
As a history student here he was regarded as one of the best of his generation and it was his interest in history that led him, together with his long-time friend, the chain-smoking bibliophile Bob Owen Croesor, to trawl through the muniment rooms of the landed estates of North Wales; those rooms where important titledeeds and other estate documents were stored.
It would be a great idea to use it as a muniment room as we have a huge archive of material which is stored in various locations.
Of particular interest are his ideas on the role that the archives and the muniment room of historic houses can play in providing new ways of telling the story of these houses, their occupants and estates to visitors tired of visiting "treasure houses" (235).
The pioneer here was James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, who spent parts of twenty years, from the 1850s through the 1870s, visiting record repositories and muniment rooms throughout England.
The manuscript citation for the Fortune contract is Muniment 22 in G.
6 states "[t]he fact that an instrument such as a deed or mortgage is undated, bears a date subsequent to the date of the acknowledgement, or bears an impossible date does not affect the validity of the instrument as a muniment of title.
Muniment takes Hyacinth home to meet his sister Rose, a hopeless invalid.
Mr Demodowicz also wants to open the rarely seen "gothic style" Muniment Room to the public.
The guarantor will argue that since the muniment of its obligations arises through the tenant, it is entitled to bootstrap the protections afforded the tenant under the Bankruptcy Code.
Hyacinth's socialism is represented not only by the small-time plotters arguing over beer in the smoke-filled Sun and Moon, but also by the other major characters--the Princess and Paul Muniment.
Together they crystallise the Cornforth method of abstracting the telling quotation, as often from an obscure but published secondary source as from the muniment room, and placing it alongside an unexpected illustration.