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Noun1.munja - tough Asiatic grass whose culms are used for ropes and baskets
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
genus Saccharum, Saccharum - tall perennial reedlike grass originally of southeastern Asia: sugarcane
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In Pakistan, hog deer are limited to forests along the rivers, grasslands and especially in those areas having dense grass with scattered plants of Saccharumspontaneum, Saccharum munja and Tamarix dioica.
Nikola Tesla kao gospodar munja, odnosno visokofrekvencijskih i visokonaponskih struja proizvedenih u njegovoj laboratoriji u Koloradu 1899.
Faiyaz Khudsar of the Yamuna Biodiversity Park said, " Stoliczka's Bushchat is largely dependent on birds and grasses like Saccharum Munja and Saccharum Spontaneum.
Poales: Poaceae) (NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers 2007: under the synonymous name of Erianthus munja [Roxb.
Here his inner voice fire-cracks, "Don't rely on words," Pulip munja ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII])
It makes dirt carton type nests at the base of Bamboo stumps and Saccharum munja and is a very good research material.
Grasses: Aristida depressa, Cenchrus biflorus, Cenchrus riliariss, Cenchrus pennisetiformis, Cenchrus setigenus, Cymbopogon jwarancusa, Cenchrus schuenanthus, Cynodon dactylon, Desmostuchya bipinnata, Dirhanthium annulatum, Eleusine flagellifera, Lasiurus sindicus, Panicum antidorale, Panicum turgidum, Saccharum bengalense, Saccharum munja Forbs:, Aerva javaica, Aerva tomentosa, Crotolaria burbia, Indigofera cordifolia.
CUTLINE: Munja Rhim, left, and Uni Joo with a sampling of dishes at the Korean BBQ Kitchen.
1 In August 1992 the same group of women, including Munja, friend of Catherine Berndt, and Peggy Rockman Napaljarri (2) from Lajamanu, chose two hills near Wirrimanu to perform a Wati Kutjarra (Two Men) Dreaming ceremony for Milli Milli, an ABC (Australia) documentary film directed by Wayne Barker about his people, the Yawuru and related Kimberley peoples.
And at night it's not uncommon to see men sleeping on streets on a munja, a portable bed (wooden frame threaded with ropes), with the smoke of the burning straws nearby to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
A translation that reflects the functions of these particles and the structure of the argument is: "Now, (since) the Pravargya is the head of the sacrifice and Fire is all the divinities, (when the adhvaryu) lights pieces (of munja grass) and then tosses them on (the disk on which the Pravargya pot will sit), he thereby restores the head of the sacrifice to the divinities.
60"###=64000 mA2###Eucalyptus camaldulensis 21%###Saccharam munja 10%###wheat and