murder indictment

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Noun1.murder indictment - an indictment charging someone with murder
bill of indictment, indictment - a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense
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The Dallas County capital murder indictment against the father says he killed Sherin "by a manner and means unknown to the grand jury," court records show.
Though news of police shootings has become commonplace in Texas and throughout the nation, disciplinary action against an officer isn't typical and a murder indictment is almost unheard of.
According to a murder indictment, Khudair was burned alive in Jerusalem in July by three Israelis in revenge for the deaths of three Jewish teenagers killed by Palestinian militants in the occupied West Bank a month earlier.
Combs' trial on the misconduct charge had been set to start next week, but after the murder indictment, a judge delayed it until at least January.
He remains in custody at the federal prison in Sheridan, although he was brought to Eugene to enter a plea on the attempted murder indictment.
CBS Station WCBS said that the home will remain under police guard while a grand jury in Brooklyn arranges a murder indictment.
The Kid wrote Wallace in 1879, volunteering to testify in the murder case if Wallace would annul pending charges against him, including a murder indictment in the 1878 shooting death of Sheriff William Brady.
Mrs Lynch later said she was sickened when the Crown withdrew the murder indictment against Craig, 21, of Govan, and Graham, 20, of Dumbreck, due to lack of evidence.
A judge has ruled Neil Entwistle must submit to a DNA test and also dismissed a defence motion to throw out the murder indictment against him.
But yesterday it was confirmed three other men, who had appear- ed on lesser charges in connection with the incident, had also been added to the murder indictment.
As Glazier's former neighbors await his retrial on arson charges, many of the accusations against Glazier have surfaced as part of a new attempted- murder indictment in the case.
A grand jury in Alabama returned a capital murder indictment against Jones on Monday.