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(ˌmʌskəˈdɛl) or


(Brewing) another name for muscatel
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Noun1.muscadel - wine from muscat grapes
muscat grape, muscatel, muscat - sweet aromatic grape used for raisins and wine
fortified wine - wine to which alcohol (usually grape brandy) has been added


n (= wine)Muskateller m
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Orange River CellarsWhite Muskadel 2016 as well as their Red Muscadel 2016 both received platinum awards - Muskadel SA Awards highest accolade adding to ORCs already stocked Muskadel SA Awards cabinet having previously won five platinum and two gold awards since 2013.
William Vaughan warns that certain types of wine, muscadel, malmsey, and bastard, "are only for maried folkes, because they strengthen the back.
The variety he used is known in South Africa as Muscadel, the grape known elsewhere as Muscat Blanc or Muscat Canelli.
yielding 12 mengles must from French or Muscadel grapes, the Hanepoot Spanish not yet ripe.
Sometimes," she wrote, "the muscadel grape outlasts the blast of frost and sometimes a people step back from war.
The most frequently used varieties are the red and white Muscadel and the hanepoot.
quoth he, as if He had been aboard, carousing to his mates After a storm, quaff'd off the muscadel, And threw the sops all in the sextons face.