muscle memory

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Noun1.muscle memory - your memory for motor skills
long-term memory, LTM - your general store of remembered information
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And it does the same with motor skills, too, so if you're learning a new dance don't skimp on sleep -- this is when you develop muscle memory.
It is absolutely imperative that you make an appropriate (yes, appropriate) draw part of your process and muscle memory.
GETTING rid of the only button the iPhone has had on its front face since day one might be a gamble - the functions of the home button are vital to the experience, and every single iPhone user out there has a muscle memory that tells them to press it to get back to the app selection screen.
Still, if your muscle memory gets the better of you every time while using the iPhone X, this is as close as you can get to having a Home Button.
What were are doing is mag develop ng muscle memory na 'pag may lindol, mag duck, cover, and hold agad,' Marasigan said.
Music has been proven to have the ability to synchronise the rhythm and movement of those exercising, distract them from fatigue and aid with muscle memory.
But I had not yet developed the proper muscle memory, and reaching blindly during my flare for the first lever was not the right choice.
The VR simulation provides step-by-step instruction of the procedure, while helping develop the associated muscle memory required to address a burst fracture in an interactive O.
If local muscle memory indeed explains concentration, such concentration violates basic punishment norms requiring equal treatment of similar offenders.
Prohands Tactical quickly improves accuracy and control, develops muscle memory, dexterity, endurance and the strength critical for recoil management, weapon retention and subject control.
You think you'd retain that muscle memory but I was really, really bad.
The company has tapped into science of muscle memory as a catalyst to change posture.