muscle memory

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Noun1.muscle memory - your memory for motor skills
long-term memory, LTM - your general store of remembered information
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All of our machines are designed to develop muscle memory and hand-eye coordination, and give hitters as many game-like strikes as they will ever need.
LT Therapy uses a combination of techniques to reset muscle memory in the neck, shoulders and back.
What you have done with a signature is something that you have practiced many times and ingrained in your muscle memory, that s why it s the same with your finger and you ll see your trait come through, founder Dynasig Richard Kim.
e Muscle Memory launch held a live auction where people bid on a page of art for the book, as Al drew it live.
On the first part of the first rotation (about a quarter of the exercises) my muscle memory was seriously kicking in as I remembered what it was like to do 30 seconds of push-ups.
I'm grateful not only for the muscle memory these experiences formed but also for my parents' dedication to bringing me, knowing that I would fall asleep each and every time.
Sure, this reduces muscle fatigue, but the real advantage is how rapidly muscle memory develops when there is less key to press.
We've gotten through that so that's all hopefully in the muscle memory, as they say.
Above all, have a substantial positive balance already deposited in your long-term muscle memory bank for "mirror image" shooting.
No sooner would they develop muscle memory for doing something, than their body proportions would change and they'd have to re-learn it, repeatedly, making the whole process much more difficult for them than for an adult.
Morgan said she decided to try Sunday's boot camp class because "I kind of learn better when you cram it into one day - it helps with muscle memory.
The third component is the muscle memory, which remembers the simple "building blocks" of the piece--scales, arpeggios, leaps and chords.