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Noun1.musical accompaniment - a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical partsmusical accompaniment - a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts
part, voice - the melody carried by a particular voice or instrument in polyphonic music; "he tried to sing the tenor part"
descant, discant - a decorative musical accompaniment (often improvised) added above a basic melody
vamp - an improvised musical accompaniment
References in classic literature ?
This young olive-branch, notorious under the name of Timothy's Bess's Ben, being of an inquiring disposition, unchecked by any false modesty, had advanced beyond the group of women and children, and was walking round the Methodists, looking up in their faces with his mouth wide open, and beating his stick against the milk-can by way of musical accompaniment.
He longed to see the curious table-napkins wrought for the Priest of the Sun, on which were displayed all the dainties and viands that could be wanted for a feast; the mortuary cloth of King Chilperic, with its three hundred golden bees; the fantastic robes that excited the indignation of the Bishop of Pontus and were figured with "lions, panthers, bears, dogs, forests, rocks, hunters--all, in fact, that a painter can copy from nature"; and the coat that Charles of Orleans once wore, on the sleeves of which were embroidered the verses of a song beginning "Madame, je suis tout joyeux," the musical accompaniment of the words being wrought in gold thread, and each note, of square shape in those days, formed with four pearls.
The event is a self-guided tour of outstanding gardens - with musical accompaniment.
The talk will take place next Thursday from 7pm followed by dinner with live musical accompaniment from the Wajih band, a Latin music group whose repertoire combines bossa nova Brazilian music, cha-cha dance and bolero slow-tempo Latin music.
Summary: Islam allows intonation of Koranic verses, but singing them to musical accompaniment is prohibited.
Students from North Huddersfield Trust School will also warm up their vocal cords ahead of the event to provide musical accompaniment to the proceedings.
The two story tellers, Tim Healy and Jill Halfpenny, both gave the show a very mystical atmosphere and maybe it was their best performance on stage and the excellent musical accompaniment was in tune to the story.
These fragments are presented to strange musical accompaniment.
Editorial note: To listen to the author read this poem along with musical accompaniment, visit the WLT website (worldliteraturetoday.
From The Jungle Book to Beatles classics, we are delighted that all our members will be able to experience this musical accompaniment.
In Moldova a fortnight ago, Spurs didn't run out on to the pitch to musical accompaniment - all they heard was a chair being screeched back and a piano being slammed shut as locals headed for cover.
The narration and musical accompaniment are excellent.