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Noun1.musical organisation - an organization of musicians who perform togethermusical organisation - an organization of musicians who perform together
organization, organisation - a group of people who work together
chorus - a group of people assembled to sing together
ensemble - a group of musicians playing or singing together; "a string ensemble"
section - a division of an orchestra containing all instruments of the same class
duette, duo, duet - two performers or singers who perform together
trio - three performers or singers who perform together
quartette, quartet - four performers or singers who perform together
quintette, quintet - five performers or singers who perform together
sextette, sestet, sextet - six performers or singers who perform together
septette, septet - seven performers or singers who perform together
octette, octet - eight performers or singers who perform together
orchestra - a musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players
band - instrumentalists not including string players
dance band, dance orchestra, band - a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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Gaiteros de Qatar, a non-profit cultural, musical organisation of a group of Venezuelans residing in Qatar, performed folk music "Gaita".
Treorchy Male Choir wishes to take this opportunity to highlight the fact that it remains committed to enhancing its reputation as a thriving, high-profile musical organisation which remains dedicated to the pursuit of the very highest standard of musical performance and is committed to its ongoing charity work.
RLPO executive director Andrew Cornall said: "We believe we deliver the widest, deepest and most diverse music experience, which is on a par with any other musical organisation in the country.
The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra is a musical organisation, not a political one, but for the approximately six-week duration of its annual existence it is able to provide its members with one basic need: equality.
It's a great honour to be invited by such a prestigious musical organisation.
Senator Labhras O'Murchu, Director General of the Irish Traditional Musical organisation and Comhaltas was speaking at a commemoration ceremony in Cork.
TREORCHY Male Choir has launched one of the largest interactive websites on the internet devoted entirely to a musical organisation.
And keyboard player Dan Armstrong proudly adds: "We have never contacted any musical organisation, never touted our songs or played in a showcase.
Their appearance at the university's Powis Hall at 8pm on Saturday, February 18, will be dedicated to the Welsh Folk Song Society - Wales' oldest musical organisation.
AN arts, dance and musical organisation which delivers transformational exhibits and shows will be in Brighouse later this month.
The concert of Welsh traditional music for solo and triple harp ensemble launches a year of events taking place in Wales to celebrate the centenary of Wales' oldest musical organisation.
WHAT better way for a musical organisation to celebrate a big birthday than to get others singing?