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Noun1.musical perception - the auditory perception of musical sounds
auditory perception, sound perception - the perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon
tonal pattern, melody - the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes
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Interactive activities for visitors will include the chance to auto-tune their voice, test their musical perception and try vocal remedies of myth and science at the Remedy Bar.
Tension and resolution are also central to a listener's musical perception.
First and foremost then it is precisely the experience of the moment - which of course in some cases may expand into a very long period of time - that I consider the starting point for my musical perception.
It should be noted that musical perception is experienced on many levels, and the individual receiving the therapy does not need to be highly trained and experienced in music to benefit from the protocols.
These researchers put forth different perspectives on issues and controversies in the field, such as with modality specificity, ways to define auditory cortex through magnetic resonance imaging, advanced concepts in anatomy and physiology, learning and plasticity, tinnitus, auditory neuropathy, and musical perception and its disorders.
Levitin, a prominent McGill University neuroscientist who runs the Laboratory for Musical Perception, Cognition, and Expertise at McGill University, is a former world-class music producer and musician and author of This Is Your Brain on Music (2006).
The pedal plays a large role in creating a musical perception of legato, and for small-handed pianists, it is indispensable.
And very apposite too, given that a common concern of the composers represented on Saturday night was to readjust musical perception.
Trehub, who studies infants' musical perception, theorizes that many mammals are sensitive to basic musical patterns.
In addition, ASA has a Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics, which is particularly interested in the "physics of musical sound production, psychoacoustics of musical perception, music cognition, and analysis and synthesis of musical sounds and composition.
These new findings are interesting, but they build on previous work pointing to an innate basis for musical perception," says psychologist Carol L.