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A peat bog formed by an accumulation of sphagnum moss, leaves, and decayed matter, often with scattered small trees, and found especially in northern North America.

[Cree maskek.]


(ˈmʌsˌkɛɡ) or


1. (Physical Geography) undrained boggy land characterized by sphagnum moss vegetation: vast areas of muskeg.
2. (Physical Geography) a bog or swamp of this nature
[C19: from Algonquian: grassy swamp]


(ˈmʌs kɛg)

a bog of N North America, commonly having sphagnum mosses, sedge, and stunted black spruce and tamarack trees.
[1815–25; < Cree maske·k < Proto-Algonquian *maškye·kwi swamp]
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A usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water:
References in classic literature ?
He picked his way from muskeg to muskeg, and followed the other man's footsteps along and across the rocky ledges which thrust like islets through the sea of moss.
Often he stooped and picked pale muskeg berries, put them into his mouth, and chewed and swallowed them.
He bore away to the left, stopping now and again to eat muskeg berries.
He felt his way through the wet snow to the watery muskeg berries, and went by feel as he pulled up the rush-grass by the roots.
He was compelled to pause for frequent rests, when he attacked the muskeg berries and rush-grass patches.
It was because it refused to die that he still ate muskeg berries and minnows, drank his hot water, and kept a wary eye on the sick wolf.
He came upon a valley where rock ptarmigan rose on whirring wings from the ledges and muskegs.
The same technique can be applied in Northern Ontario to build surface infrastructure atop muskeg, poorly drained or environmentally sensitive areas, or to seal off contaminated areas.
5-million-acre swath of muskeg bogs, cliffs, lakes, rivers, and forests in east central Alaska.
Chakastaypasin, Little Pine, Lucky Man, Moosomin, Mosquito/Grizzly Bear's Head/ Lean Man, Muskeg Lake, One Arrow, Onion Lake, Poundmaker, Red Pheasant, Sweetgrass, Thunderchild, and Young Chipewayan First Nations were listed on the lawsuit as interveners and could be affected by the decision.
As I stumbled around the corner of a patch of trees on a muskeg bog, I spotted a doe.
The projects includes the construction of external tailings disposal and requires disturbance of 12,719 ha of area, diverting 22 kilometres of the Muskeg River.