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1. A soldier armed with a musket.
2. A member of the French royal household bodyguard in the 1600s and 1700s.

[French mousquetaire, from mousquet, musket; see musket.]


(Historical Terms) (formerly) a soldier armed with a musket


(ˌmʌs kɪˈtɪər)

a soldier armed with a musket.
[1580–90; musket + -eer; compare French mousquetaire, derivative of mousquet musket]
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Noun1.musketeer - a foot soldier armed with a musketmusketeer - a foot soldier armed with a musket  
musketry - musketeers and their muskets collectively
foot soldier, footslogger, infantryman, marcher - fights on foot with small arms
جُنْدي مُشاه
tüfekli asker


[ˌmʌskɪˈtɪəʳ] Nmosquetero m


nMusketier m


(ˈmaskit) noun
an old type of gun once carried by foot-soldiers.
ˌmuskeˈteer noun
a soldier armed with a musket.
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