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or musk′ ox`,

n., pl. -ox•en.
a large bovid, Ovibos moschatus, of arctic regions of North America and Greenland, with shaggy fur and horns that curve downward.
[1735–45; so called from its odor]
bœuf musqué
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I was going to shoot a muskox in honor of my friend, and I was going to do it with that arrow.
Available big game on the mainland include Central Canada barren ground caribou, barren ground grizzly, and muskox.
The map of New Brunswick includes minke whales, Magnetic Hill, Hopewell Rocks and the Shediac Giant Lobster, while the map of Nunavut features the muskox, the Arctic Circle, Dewey Soper Migratory Bird Sanctuary and an inuksuk.
Cover photo of Ross Virginia (right) as he hikes past a muskox skeleton near Russell Glacier, Greenland, 2011 (courtesy of Ross Virginia)
The muskox (Ovibos moschatus), a native Arctic ruminant, fits these primary criteria (Rowell et al.
As one of few large-bodied herbivores, the muskox Ovibos moschatus) is a central species in the tundra ecosystem.
As Sarah Aciego traveled to Greenland, Alaska and Canada for research, the glaciologist was awed by the beauty: "the incredible blues of the glacial lakes, muskox rubbing their bellies in the tundra, hidden hot springs next to waterfalls," she recalls.
They also feature Vilhjalmur Stefansson's controversial projects on reindeer and muskox herding in the North, and his ill-conceived plan for the occupation of Wrangel Island (1921) and how these played out politically.
Over the course of two episodes and two filming stints, he reunites with his white wolf family as they try to raise their pups and prepare for winter, walking with them as they hunt lemmings, muskox and hares and encounter a rival pack.
Eleven are of the same family: 22 bean ~ pea 34 alpaca ~ camel 48 rye ~ bamboo 39 duck ~ gaggle = 61 mallard ~ goose 73 lemming ~ mouse 43 bobcat ~ calico = 50 cheetah ~ lion ~ tabby 78 goldfinch ~ grosbeak 68 chamois ~ gazelle = 103 billy goat (or billygoat) ~ longhorn ~ muskox.
I have hunted with a bow since 1958 and have taken deer, bear, caribou, moose and muskox.
The endurance games included the knuckle hop, running race, airplane, back push, and muskox push, and were to help increase and promote crucial survival health and abilities.