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or musk′ ox`,

n., pl. -ox•en.
a large bovid, Ovibos moschatus, of arctic regions of North America and Greenland, with shaggy fur and horns that curve downward.
[1735–45; so called from its odor]
bœuf musqué
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At the bottom of the list are bears, caribou, kudu, moose and muskox, in that order.
The eye of a muskox, "glistening in a halo of snow-crusted hair"; snow geese rising "like smoke"; puffins diving "like a hail of gravel"; a landscape of "numinous events, of a forgiving benediction of light .
Enhancement of local species richness in tundra by seed dispersal through guts of muskox and barnacle goose.
Over the course of two episodes and two filming stints, he reunites with his white wolf family as they try to raise their pups and prepare for winter, walking with them as they hunt lemmings, muskox and hares and encounter a rival pack.
The species is known as a Quaternary fossil at Cueva de Jimenez in Chihuahua (Arroyo-Cabrales, 1992), at Dark Canyon, Dry, Muskox, Howell's Ridge, U-Bar, and Pendejo caves in New Mexico, at Bida, Deadman, Papago Springs, and Sandblast caves in Arizona, at Fowlkes Cave in Texas (Dalquest and Stangl, 1984; Mead et al.
Eleven are of the same family: 22 bean ~ pea 34 alpaca ~ camel 48 rye ~ bamboo 39 duck ~ gaggle = 61 mallard ~ goose 73 lemming ~ mouse 43 bobcat ~ calico = 50 cheetah ~ lion ~ tabby 78 goldfinch ~ grosbeak 68 chamois ~ gazelle = 103 billy goat (or billygoat) ~ longhorn ~ muskox.
The endurance games included the knuckle hop, running race, airplane, back push, and muskox push, and were to help increase and promote crucial survival health and abilities.
A cluster of large "erratic" boulders that you thought were left by a glacier would turn into a small herd of muskox (Ovibos moschatus).
wolves, muskox and moose; up to 180 species of birds, many of them
Today, we know that the bones from William Clark's expedition represent several extinct mammal species: woolly mammoth, American mastodon muskox, ancient horse, ancient bison, and stag moose.
Inside the cosy hut a muskox hide hangs from one wall, while the jaw bone of a polar bear is less a hunting trophy and more a reminder of the harsh and hostile environment we're in.
This is our hunting area for muskox, walrus, beluga, polar bear, [and] rabbits.