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also mous·ta·chio (mə-stăsh′ō, -stăsh′ē-ō′, -stä′shō, -shē-ō′)
n. pl. mus·ta·chios also mous·ta·chios
A mustache, especially a luxuriant one.

[Ultimately from Italian dialectal mustaccio, mustache; see mustache.]

mus·ta′chioed (-stăsh′ōd, -stăsh′ē-ōd′, -stä′shōd, -shē-ōd′) adj.


(Hairdressing & Grooming) often jocular having a moustache, esp when bushy or elaborately shaped
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Adj.1.mustachioed - having a moustache
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved


adj (esp Brit) → schnauzbärtig
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It was pleasing to see his open and ingenuous countenance, well mustachioed and corked, looking out from an open shirt collar; and to contemplate the sugar-loaf hat, decorated with ribbons of all colours, which he was compelled to carry on his knee, inasmuch as no known conveyance with a top to it, would admit of any man's carrying it between his head and the roof.
Think mustachioed accordion players, hot-air balloons and Tesla coils.
SING IT KITTY WE are just loving phone company Three's ad with its singing mustachioed cat.
The clever boy - dubbed Hercule after the mustachioed Belgian detective - solved the riddle of who knifed his mistress and her dog to death in a robbery.
Stocky and mustachioed, Idriss hails from the central province of Homs and has at times shown a penchant for fiery rhetoric.
Prior to Campins, one has to go all the way back to the 1930s to find a similarly mustachioed boss in Caracas -- Eleazar LA[sup.
THERE were few more satisfying sights this week than a mustachioed Leon Osman looking every inch the seasoned international on his England debut.
Not since the days of mustachioed super-swimmer Mark Spitz back in the 1970s has hirsute been so hot.
DeGeneres also pointed out the strange set-up of the picture in which Obama is seated in a large wicker chair as her mustachioed date stands beside her.
He returns as ze famous mustachioed Belgian detective, alongside a cast including Jaime Winstone (Dagenham Girls), Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia) and Geoffrey Palmer (As Time Goes By, er, those "slam in the lamb" adverts).
He is best known for his portrayal of a certain mustachioed Belgian detective, but David Suchet has received a very British award.
So here's to the mustachioed men of the West Midlands.