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a. Any of various Eurasian plants of the mustard family, especially white mustard, Indian mustard, and black mustard, which are cultivated for their pungent seeds and edible leaves.
b. A condiment made from the powdered seeds of certain of these plants.
2. A member of the mustard family.
3. A dark yellow to light olive brown.
4. Any of a group of toxic organic compounds that include mustard gas and the nitrogen mustards.

[Middle English, from Old French mustarde, from Latin mustum, must, unfermented wine; see must3.]

mus′tard·y adj.


1. (Cookery) flavoured with mustard
2. (Cookery) resembling mustard in flavour or colour
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Here we're using it to bind a slaw full of the mustardy tang of raw cabbage, the crunch of carrots, the fragrance of nuts and the sweetness of dried fruit.
mustardy tofu/seitan salad, using 1 cup of vegan mayonnaise combined with V2 cup of prepared mustard (and a teaspoon of prepared horseradish, if desired) rather than the recipe's sauce 3.
She served it chopped and sauteed in sweet butter, or sliced and tossed raw in a mustardy vinaigrette, or -- my favorite -- baked in a white cream sauce with onions and cheese.
At Oxbow in Clarksdale, the Burger Stand Burger featuring certified angus beef, Gruyere cheese, balsamic shallot jam, house-made pickles, lettuce, and Mustardy Mayo is a Delta twist on the classic burger.
The district is also near the site where, in 1995, the microbe was collected--for laboratory analysis--from a commercial crop of broccoli raab, a leafy veggie with an intense, mustardy flavor.
My Asian-style tacos, stuffed with greens, mung beans, peanuts and silken tofu packed a refreshing, mustardy punch.
They had two kinds of gray, a navy blue, a dull mustardy tan, a black, two kinds of brown, and then the linings.
Robin had a mustardy jacket, very calm, nothing garish
The sauce was rich and mustardy and the use of tarragon, thyme and parsley gave the whole dish plenty of flavour.