mutatis mutandis

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mu·ta·tis mu·tan·dis

(mo͞o-tä′tĭs mo͞o-tän′dĭs)
adv. Abbr. m.m.
With differences or changes in various details corresponding to a given overall difference or change: the application of maritime law, mutatis mutandis, to space travel.

[Latin mūtātīs mūtandīs, the necessary changes having been made (literally, "with the things to be changed having been changed") : mūtātīs, ablative plural of mūtātus, changed, past participle of mūtāre, to change + mūtandīs, ablative plural of mūtandus, to be changed, gerundive of mūtāre.]

mutatis mutandis

(muːˈtɑːtɪs muːˈtændɪs)
the necessary changes having been made

mu•ta•tis mu•tan•dis

(muˈtɑ tis muˈtɑn dis; Eng. myuˈteɪ tɪs myuˈtæn dɪs)

adv. Latin.
the necessary changes having been made.

mutatis mutandis

A Latin phrase meaning the necessary changes having been made.
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Adv.1.mutatis mutandis - with the necessary changes having been carried out
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In the end, one wonders if the Romantic cliche once denounced by theorists as pathetic fallacy ("la nature est un etat d'ame") should not be rehabilitated, mutatis mutandis, as an important component of a rising self-consciousness as European culture sails toward modernity.
This is, mutatis mutandis, the way modern decadents practice sex.
Moron reasonably excludes the arts from his discussion of the humanities but, mutatis mutandis, similar questions of legitimacy arise in the two fields.
They survived, mutatis mutandis, well into the twentieth century.
In Christian mysticism, it is the worshiper who is united to God, and there are parallels mutatis mutandis in other religions.
Because the specific guise of the father in the Oedipal complex is rooted in the status of the idealized Father (indeed, God the Father) in the Victorian age, Miller contends that, mutatis mutandis, the "father" of our time will have changed with the times.
Or if it's a joke, then only because MacKillop believes it was, for despite MacKillop's reductive "explanation" and assurances, it seems pretty clear that Leavis himself believed the assertion to be true: he believed that, mutatis mutandis, he would have been Cromwell.
That world, mutatis mutandis, is like the Forest of Arden in Shakespeare's As You Like It, where the observer so disposed may find tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in every thing.
Maximize (8) [Mathematical Expression Omitted] where (9) [Mathematical Expression Omitted] Here V denotes the present value of profits, n for profits, i the rate of interest, and the rest of the notation corresponds to that of the last section, mutatis mutandis.
Fire design projects done poistumisturvallisuuden, smoke removal and, mutatis mutandis, to fire resistance of structures characteristics of rolling stock and actual holdings of the fire load derived based on fire development, taking into account measures to the fire brigade operations and fire-fighting.
The 12 fillies and mares left in sunday's showpiece include the Dermot Weld-trained brooch, unbeaten in four starts, and five from britain, including rizeena and the ed Walker-trained mutatis mutandis.
However, he does not appear to think that mutatis mutandis this lesson about powers applies to objects.