mutual fund company

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fund company - a regulated investment company with a pool of assets that regularly sells and redeems its sharesmutual fund company - a regulated investment company with a pool of assets that regularly sells and redeems its shares
investment company, investment firm, investment trust, fund - a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies
index fund - a mutual fund that invests in the stocks that are the basis of a well-known stock or bond index
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Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is said to be in discussion to purchase a mutual fund company in India.
NS) is set to acquire a controlling stake in a mutual fund company, Dow Jones has reported citing the chief executive of the bank.
Alternatively, the plan can provide that an investment manager will create the type of investment mix described above for each participant, rather than using a fund made available through a mutual fund company.
Of course, you can invest in stock mutual funds directly and purchase shares through automatic withdrawal programs in which you direct a given mutual fund company to take funds out of your savings or checking account--usually between $50 to $100 per month--to invest in the fund of your choice.
As in, itching to call their broker or mutual fund company to sell their stocks.
The investor goes to the Web site of a transfer agent, issuer, mutual fund company or other financial services firm and clicks on the cost-basis link.
We recommend no-load funds, which you can purchase directly from a mutual fund company.
announced a unique alliance Friday that will give the giant mutual fund company better access to stock offerings and sophisticated research and the Wall Street firm an instant retail brokerage network.
Yet, within the typical mutual fund company, there is no centralized monitoring infrastructure to enable management to quickly and efficiently manage the risk associated with compliance.
in Chicago, the nation's premier black-managed mutual fund company, has counseled the same patient strategy of investing in undervalued stocks.
The firm is the largest mutual fund company in the United States, the No.
Investments of the Handelsbanken Mutual Fund Company Ltd's fund are made in proportion to the weight of the shares in the OMX Helsinki 25 (OMXH25) index.