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also mou·jik or mu·jik or mu·zjik  (mo͞o-zhēk′, -zhĭk′)
A Russian peasant.

[Russian, from muzh, man; see man- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈmuːʒɪk) ,




(Historical Terms) a Russian peasant, esp under the tsars
[C16: from Russian: peasant]


or mu•zjik

(muˈʒɪk, ˈmu ʒɪk)

a Russian peasant.
[1560–70; < Russian muzhík, derivative of muzh husband, man]
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Noun1.muzhik - a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)muzhik - a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)
bucolic, peasant, provincial - a country person
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To the same extent, a Russian intellectual would view his compatriot from a rural area, strangely dressed, speaking a dialect, sometimes traditionally religious, as a backward muzhik.
Gohstand, "The lnternal Geography," passim; Joseph Bradley, Muzhik and Muscovite: Urbanization in Late Inperial Russia (Berkeley, 1985), 82-90; James H.
A common feature, too, is the wretchedness of the Russian muzhik (peasant, often spelled "moujik").
1979); Diane Koenker, Moscow Workers and the 1917 Revolution (Princeton, 1981); Joseph Bradley, Muzhik and Muscovite: Urbanization in Late Imperial Russia (Berkeley, 1985).
Suddenly," wrote Gorky, "the old Russian lord, the arrogant aristocrat would spring up behind the stage costume of muzhik beard and rumpled blouse, and then the friends and partners in conversation would feel a chill down their spines and turn pale.
The rebbe, who was walking swiftly in the street accompanied by his assistant, beard a Russian muzhik (peasant) make an offensive antisemitic remark: "Those accursed Jews are filling our town with dirt .
Lenin was no muzhik, and Mao Tse-tung was the son of a rich peasant; yet the political and economic conditions of Russia and China when they were young profoundly shaped their opinions and ideals.
The peasant mentality of the Russian muzhik, Pipes had written in 1977, held "that cunning and coercion alone ensured survival: one employed cunning when weak, and cunning coupled with coercion when strong.
English Word Occupation Nationality lascar sailor East Indian kanaka sailor Polynesian gaucho cowboy Argentine vaquero cowboy Mexican muzhik collective farmer Russian kibbutznik collective farmer Israeli
They left our native land, the enslaved people for whom they wished to dedicate their lives, and everything which they held dearest and departed into the land where they could breathe more easily and to which our muzhik had come, to America.
The Muzhik wraps the towel around my neck and pounds me against the wall again and again.
Their consciousness is blocked from view for Oz's reader, just as was the consciousness of the Ukrainian muzhik in Shteinberg's story.