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or my·co·rhi·za (mī′kə-rī′zə)
n. pl. my·cor·rhi·zae (-zē) or my·cor·rhi·zas or my·co·rhi·zae or my·co·rhi·zas
The symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus with the roots of a plant, as is found in the majority of vascular plants.

[myco- + Greek rhiza, root; see wrād- in Indo-European roots.]

my′cor·rhi′zal adj.


(ˌmaɪkəˈraɪzə) or


n, pl -zae (-ziː) or -zas
(Botany) an association of a fungus and a plant in which the fungus lives within or on the outside of the plant's roots forming a symbiotic or parasitic relationship. See ectotrophic mycorrhiza, endotrophic mycorrhiza
[C19: from myco- + Greek rhiza root]
ˌmycorˈrhizal, ˌmycoˈrhizal adj


(ˌmaɪ kəˈraɪ zə)

n., pl. -zae (-zē), -zas.
a symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus, esp. a basidiomycete, with the roots of certain plants, in which the hyphae form a closely woven mass around the rootlets or penetrate the cells of the root.
my`cor•rhi′zal, my`co•rhi′zal, adj.
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Eighty per cent of the pinus brutus plants without mycorrhizae died, compared to only 40 per cent of the ones with mycorrhizae.
Apart from the life science content, the study of mycorrhizae provides opportunities to integrate biological and mathematical problem-solving skills by applying basic mathematics within life science contexts, hone skills in scientific investigations, and develop communication skills to convey scientific concepts.
Cripps has surveyed mycorrhizae from Yellowstone through Waterton Lakes National Park and into Banff, Canada, and has found related fungi associated with these pines throughout the northern Rockies.
Plant health depends, in no small part, on the health of the beneficial bacteria, fungi and mycorrhizae that reside in the top few inches of soil.
Arbuscular mycorrhizae seem to confer a greater salt tolerance and promote growth more than phosphate alone, suggesting that some mechanism beyond phosphate nutrition might be involved.
seedlings collected in the wild) and soil, and the influence on Shorea leprosula of soil types, pasteurization of media and mycorrhizae inoculation.
I have gained improved means of developing field explorations for my students, gained ideas for studying forest mycorrhizae in a lab setting"
Dissolution is achieved by reaction between the phosphate rock and the soil, and partly through the direct action of plant rootes and associated mycorrhizae in phosphate rock.
Instead, it had experienced poor soil management under a regime of row crop production and pasture, conditions poorly suited for maintaining diverse and abundant mycorrhizae.
Results suggest that local site characteristics such as microenvironments, soil quality, or mycorrhizae may be more influential in determining seed germination and that seedlings will do well under a broad array of forest management conditions.
Louise is also working on the role of mycorrhizae in minimizing drought stress and how anthropogenic impacts, such as nitrogen deposition, affect the diversity and functioning of soil fungi.