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Having a myelin sheath: myelinated nerve fibers.


(Physiology) (of a nerve fibre) having a myelin sheath


(ˈmaɪ ə ləˌneɪ tɪd)

(of a nerve) having a myelin sheath; medullated.
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Adj.1.myelinated - (of neurons) covered with a layer of myelinmyelinated - (of neurons) covered with a layer of myelin
unmyelinated - (of neurons) not myelinated
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These velocities can be categorized in myelinated A[alpha] and A[beta] motor fibers for 1st component and myelinated motor and sensorial A[gamma] and AS fibers for 2nd component.
Sural nerve biopsy revealed nerve demyelination, axonal degeneration, and an obvious loss of large myelinated fibers, accompanied by Schwann cell proliferation and onion bulb formation.
The preclinical results showed that AST-OPC1 cells improved locomotor performance after cervical spinal cord injury and that this functional improvement was associated with reduced parenchymal cavitation and increased sparing of myelinated axons within the injury site.
The different parts of the brain no longer communicate properly with each other across myelinated fibers, which is postulated as an explanation for cognitive impairment, thought disorder, negative symptoms, and lack of insight--all of which can contribute to nonadherence to treatment.
In the absence of molecular diagnostic facilities other features that help in the diagnosis of PNL are the presence of epithelioid cell granuloma, perineural expansion, endoneural infiltrate, endoneural and perineural fibrosis and a reduction in the number of myelinated nerve fibres.
The finding was a paradigm-shift for the physiological function of axonassociated glia, and opens now the intriguing possibility that oligodendrocytes are important modifiers of neurological diseases in which myelinated axons are lost.
Porges found that mammals have two vagal circuits that originate in different parts of the brainstem: the myelinated pathway that mediates respiratory sinus arrhythmia and the fight/flight response and an unmyelinated pathway that we share with reptiles.
5F, F'), while slender-shaped microglia were present in the already myelinated areas (Fig.
This sarcoidosis-associated neuropathy involves both myelinated and nonmyelinated small nerve fibers.
Nerve histopathology of the different forms of FAP is similar showing fiber-length-dependent polyneuropathy, loss of myelinated nerves, particularly small myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers.
PlM produces decreased degree of motor block in heavily myelinated motor fibres and faster onset of block in lightly myelinated sensory fibres i.