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Having a myelin sheath: myelinated nerve fibers.


(Physiology) (of a nerve fibre) having a myelin sheath


(ˈmaɪ ə ləˌneɪ tɪd)

(of a nerve) having a myelin sheath; medullated.
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Adj.1.myelinated - (of neurons) covered with a layer of myelinmyelinated - (of neurons) covered with a layer of myelin
unmyelinated - (of neurons) not myelinated
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In preclinical animal testing, AST-OPC1 administration led to remyelination of axons, improved hindlimb and forelimb locomotor function, dramatic reductions in injury-related cavitation and significant preservation of myelinated axons traversing the injury site.
It takes a signal 30 milliseconds to cross from the left to the right side of the brain on myelinated axons.
We will determine the factors that determine whether and to what extent an axon will be myelinated or not, the forces that drive myelin around the axon, the structural basis of myelin plasticity and the mechanisms of myelin turnover in the adult.
Syndrome of unilateral high myopia with myelinated nerve fibres
The strength-duration relationship for excitation of myelinated nerve: Computed dependence on membrane parameters.
Localized segmental demyelination with distinct borders develop in myelinated nerve fibers as a result of the chronic, localized deformation of the nerve in the entrapment region [35].
Inflammatory pain hypersensitivity mediated by phenotypic switch in myelinated primaiy sensory neurons.
Highly myelinated, fast-conducting, large-calibre fibres connect primary and secondary sensory and motor areas, and poorly myelinated, small-calibre and slowly conducting fibres connect homologous prefrontal and temporoparietal association areas.
Small Fiber Neuropathy affects thinly myelinated and unmyelinated peripheral nerve and is characterized by ongoing neuropathic pain with paroxysmal episodes and autonomic symptoms.
7) A nearly 50% loss in myelinated fibers occurs from age 20 to age 80.
2 million axons per nerve); its intra- and extra-cranial location; its myelinated and unmyelinated segments; and the high energy demand by the retinal ganglion cells.
Values for the Wallerian degeneration, number of myelinated axons, degree of muscle atrophy and MDA level were analyzed using one-way ANOVA followed by Duncan's test for multiple comparisons.