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Noun1.myg - one ten thousandth of a centner
metric weight unit, weight unit - a decimal unit of weight based on the gram
kg, kilo, kilogram - one thousand grams; the basic unit of mass adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; "a kilogram is approximately 2.2 pounds"
centner - in some European countries: a unit of weight equivalent to 50 kilograms
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CLAIMING to be the youngest qualified referee at the MYG was James Madine (17).
Tickers featured: BBA, BRK, CFI, ETH, FBN, HVT, LEG, LZB, MHK, MYG, PIR, WHR.
The competition was won by Sacred Heart (120 points) who join the winners of the two previous heats,Greasby and Christ The King as Wirral's representatives at the MYG.
Tickers featured: CPB, HHS, IPG, KO, LORLY, MYG, OMC, POS, TNO, VCI, WPPGY.
The Norris Green school defeated Rudston in the final and will represent Liverpool at the MYG, the other beaten semifinalists were St Paschal Baylon.
NO strangers to the MYG were two referees at the Tag Rugby competition Andy Southan and Danny McGanley.