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Of or relating to the electrical properties of muscle tissue from which impulses may be amplified, used especially in the control or operation of prosthetic devices.


(ˌmaɪəʊɪˈlɛktrɪk) or


(Medicine) denoting a type of powered artificial hand or limb that detects electrical changes in the muscles of the stump and converts these into movements


(ˌmaɪ oʊ ɪˈlɛk trɪk)

of or pertaining to electrical impulses generated by muscles of the body, which may be amplified and used esp. to control artificial limbs.
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It's a circuit board that can process skin-surface myoelectric signals, and it's been shared on the Internet for several years.
i-limb quantum introduces ground-breaking new standard for myoelectric prosthetic hands
Over the past 8 yr, new myoelectrically controlled, multi-articulated hands have become available that allow human-like movements and improved grasping capabilities compared with traditional tridigital (TD) myoelectric devices [1-2].
These projects address a range of issues such as empowering youth and women in Phnom Penh, Ankara and Rabat, developing myoelectric prosthetic limbs for disabled women and children living in rural areas of Kolkata, tracking crime patterns for a safer culture in Puebla, and generating electricity through solar power in Nairobi.
Doctors say she is among the few in the country to use myoelectric prosthetic limbs.
Relationships between myoelectric activity, strength, and MRI of lumbar extensor muscles in back pain patients and normal subjects.
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Intensity analysis in timefrequency space of surface myoelectric signals by wavelets of specified resolution.
Myoelectric manifestations of muscle fatigue might be affected by this event (Merletti et al.
The first runners-up design was an affordable myoelectric prosthetic hand, also known as Handle, from Japan, designed to restore movement to amputees.
The MYO is a myoelectric remote control interface for computers designed to provide individuals with fine motor or other disabilities with the ability to control a computer, tablet or smartphone remotely by making hand or arm gestures.