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n. pl. my·op·a·thies
A disease of muscle or muscle tissue.

my′o·path′ic (mī′ə-păth′ĭk) adj.


1. (Medicine) of, relating to or affected by myopathy
2. (Medicine) causing myopathy
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Adj.1.myopathic - of or relating to any disease of the muscles that is not caused by nerve dysfunction
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Electromyographic investigation demonstrated profound myotonia, and there were no clear signs of myopathic motor units.
Another theory is that AF is not a direct consequence of mechanical dysfunction; fibrosis and inflammation cause atrial dysfunction and the myopathic process, resulting in AF.
11 A previous study used SVM and neural network (NN) in the classification of EMG findings obtained from patients with neuropathic and myopathic disorders and healthy individuals.
Clinical neuromuscular findings include areflexia, sensory-motor type neuropathy, weakness and muscular atrophy, whereas myopathic findings are rare in muscle biopsy and ENMG (9, 10).
COPD is often responsible for delayed diagnosis of HF and vice versa, since both conditions have similar symptoms such as dyspnea and poor exercise tolerance based on the skeletal myopathic response rather than the primary organ failure.
In a study of alcoholics without a known diagnosis of myopathy, up to 46 percent exhibited myopathic changes on muscle biopsies and presented with demonstrable reductions in strength compared with healthy control subjects (Urbano-Marquez et al.
EMG demonstrated findings consistent with a myopathic disorder.
This outcome suggests that, compared with Bz, high-dose Cur treatment is more capable of down-modulating inflammatory myopathic processes, including leukocyte recruitment, activation of the arachidonic acid pathway and BNP overexpression, triggered in the heart at the beginning of Chagas disease.
Our literature search revealed three small trials, they tried to explore the beneficial effects of this essential cofactor in statin related myopathic symptoms but they all have yielded inconsistent results and warranted further studies to clearly expose the favorable role of Co Q10 in muscular adverse effects related to statins5,9,10.
A biopsy of quadriceps muscle demonstrated active myopathic changes and perivascular and endomysial mononuclear focal inflammatory infiltrate (Figure 2).
Mtochondrial diseases may affect a single organ--for example, the eye in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON)--or may involve many organs, and they often result in major neurologic and myopathic symptoms.
Some scoliotic conditions do have well-defined, known or primary causes, such as congenital/hemivertebra, myopathic as in the case of scoliosis attributed to muscular dystrophy, neuropathic as found in many spinocerebellar degenerative disorders, and other conditions.