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Any of various small, shrimplike, chiefly marine crustaceans of the order Mysida, the females of which carry their eggs in a pouch beneath the thorax. Also called opossum shrimp.

[From New Latin Mysis, Mysid-, type genus, from Greek musis, a closing, from mūein, to close the lips or eyes.]


(Animals) another name for the opossum shrimp
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However, despite this diversity, approximately half of the diet comprised only two prey types, mysid shrimp and bay anchovy.
Malathion, by comparison, ranked among the least toxic of three organophosphate and three pyrethroid insecticides to the mysid shrimp Mysidopsis bahia, with a flow-through 96-h LC50 value of 2.
In the mysid Neomysis integer, the sheet cells are arranged in populations, with each creating a separate part of the cuticle of the setae (Guse, 1980).
Many of the animals in this study captured and consumed prey (feeder guppies or mysid shrimp) while in the holding tank.
excretion, and chemical composition of the bathypelagic mysid Gnathophausia ingens.
In some cases, this leads to a change from one functional eye type to another, for instance, from the apposition to the superposition system in the rock lobster Panulirus longipes (Meyer-Rochow, 1975), the mysid Neomysis integer, and the euphausiid Thysanoessa raschii (Nilsson et al.
1 Prey (number of individuals/fish) (1) shrimp Area cumacean euphausiid mysid larvae Chiniak Bay 0.
Louisiana fish fed on fishes, shrimps, detritus, and stomatopods, and Texas fish fed on shrimps, crabs, and mysid shrimps.
Visual spectral sensitivities of the bioluminescent deep-sea mysid, Gnathophausia ingens.
Seasonal changes in abundance, length distribution, feeding condition and predation vulnerability of juvenile Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus, and prey mysid density in the Tottori coastal area.
Hatchlings (0-8 weeks old) were fed either with (i) a mixture of brine shrimp, mysid shrimp and amphipods (mainly Gammarus sp.