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One that creates myths or mythical situations.

myth′mak·ing n.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who creates myths


(ˈmɪθˌmeɪ kər)

a creator of myths.
myth′mak`ing, n.
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Imtiyaaz did not reproduce that level of form until she encountered fast ground again at Thirsk in September, when she was third behind Mythmaker (now rated in the 100s) and Vibrant Chords (unlucky at Newmarket on Tuesday).
Dworkin's treatment of Burns's book on Billy the Kid, the longest section of American Mythmaker, illustrates the author's approach to his subject.
In his role as the Elves' own mythmaker, Tolkien also expounds on Sauron's role, doing so in the form of information that the Elves apparently lack about the Maia's "narrative of transformation" (Marlan 317).
Barrie, in The Road to the Never Land (1991) and Myths and the Mythmaker (2010) among extensive other work.
Those statistics give us a shortlist of three -- Mythmaker, Snap Shots and Mujassam.
Atwood, a mythmaker herself, advises her readers to view her work as tales.
His consistency saw him continue to sneak up the weights without actually getting his head in front, but he proved a mark of 88 was no bar to success when seeing off Mythmaker by threequarters of a length in what was a really decent event of its kind.
Enriched with extensive notes and an index, American Mythmaker demystifies Burns' life, accomplishments, influences, and legacy, and is especially recommended for public and college library collections.
I also often think of Crevecoeur, so often misremembered as an American mythmaker, for his most frequently anthologized excerpt "What is an American?
Readers of lay Wright's poetry know him as a relentlessly allusive and idiosyncratic mythmaker who is always playing more games than one.
McBride hails Ford as "our national mythmaker, our Shakespeare.