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One that creates myths or mythical situations.

myth′mak·ing n.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who creates myths


(ˈmɪθˌmeɪ kər)

a creator of myths.
myth′mak`ing, n.
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His consistency saw him continue to sneak up the weights without actually getting his head in front, but he proved a mark of 88 was no bar to success when seeing off Mythmaker by threequarters of a length in what was a really decent event of its kind.
Front-runners Hoof It (drawn four), Nameitwhatyoulike (five) and Dragon King (seven) are all in single figures and only Mythmaker, who is in stall 14, is a confirmed pacesetter among those drawn higher.
Enriched with extensive notes and an index, American Mythmaker demystifies Burns' life, accomplishments, influences, and legacy, and is especially recommended for public and college library collections.
We should therefore expect an inventive, prolific mythmaker to return, time and again, to old myths in service of new ideas.
Words are expressed myth for Barfield, and while Tolkien never embraced Barfield's leanings towards Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner's metaphysical philosophy, Tolkien the philologist and mythmaker and medievalist was very fascinated with the links between language and myth; Flieger does an excellent job of researching the decay of the Elvish language and of light itself in Tolkien's legendarium.
Readers of lay Wright's poetry know him as a relentlessly allusive and idiosyncratic mythmaker who is always playing more games than one.
Throughout his long career, the great American mythmaker and Conceptualist James Lee Byars produced performances, sculptures, and installations that contained irreverent allusions to his own demise, from the performance This Is a Call from the Ghost of James Lee Byars, 1969, which involved a paper triangle printed with the request PLEASE LIMIT ALL TALKING TO THE SOUND OF 0, to The Death of James Lee Byars, 1994, for which the artist rendered himself "invisible" by donning a gilt lame suit inside a gold-leaf-covered room.
McBride hails Ford as "our national mythmaker, our Shakespeare.
Some discussion, moreover, of Eastwood's directorial evolution over the past decade from American mythmaker to myth-breaker could only buttress Burgoyne's case.
Adams, Michael, "Ken Russell: Musical Mythmaker," 143-63; r 647-48