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One that creates myths or mythical situations.

myth′mak·ing n.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the practice of creating myths
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His aim was always to get an imaginative grasp of history with all its enduring mythic substance; and at different periods in his career, realism, postmodernism, magical realism, and mythmaking were among the modes through which he sought to mediate the historical.
What resides here is part reverential mythmaking (it recounts Batman's genesis), part free-floating film noir (whose 1940s manners coexist with '60s-vintage cars and circa-'90s cellphones).
CANADA AND THE world are blessed to have Scott Taylor: an honest journalist who exposes the actual situations in Ukraine and Iraq/Syria as they are, and not as John Baird's mythmaking would have them be.
That Kim did not achieve half the things with which he is credited by North Korean academia, print, and broadcast media is a side issue; Suh Dae-sook already made that point, and, in any case, clashing with partisan charismatic mythmaking over issues of accuracy is a fool's errand.
If this sounds like the Joseph Beuys of Life Course--Work Course, 1964, Geys is his diametric opposite in terms of personal mythmaking, having largely avoided the spotlight for much of his career.
He has previously written works on mythmaking and memory surrounding Napoleon Bonaparte, most notably The Saint-Napoleon: Celebrations of Sovereignty in 19th Century France (Harvard University Press, 2004).
MYTHMAKING is a difficult exercise, particularly if you make the mistake of letting the masses have a look at the innards of the machine.
As I set out to conduct the research, I faced a choice: to participate in nationalist mythmaking, or to break with it and present the enterprise of Israel-experience travel as a quintessentially twentieth- and twenty-first-century phenomenon.
The mythmaking around Michelangelo is nigh-on impossible to cut through, but Gayford approaches the master through the epic sweep of his life and work.
THE failure to establish a truth process into the Troubles encourages tribal mythmaking, the Human Rights Commission has said.
We need to start challenging some of the ludicrous mythmaking by the isolationists now.