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Noun1.mythologization - the restatement of a message as a myth
restatement - a revised statement
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Because "civil war" was inevitably redolent of Vietnam and the reason why (in the Democrats' and the media's mythologization of that war) fighting in Vietnam was such a bad idea.
is reduced to the Holocaust and towards the mythologization and mystification of the historical events .
Amid the explosion of books and articles on Plath since the millennium, the narrative in which the emergence of feminism coincides with Plath's mythologization as a universal symbol of pathos and triumph has broken down along a number of lines.
Nothing, however, could stop the mythologization process which would ensure Nightingale's 'visible march to heaven', as her contemporary, the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell, put it.
Drawing on his own research as well as recent scholarship on the Haskalah (especially David Sorkin and Steven Lowenberg), Roemer challenges the mid-nineteenth century mythologization (still a commonplace in many scholarly works) of Moses Mendelssohn as the "Germanizer" of Central European Jewry.
Ferme distinguishes his study from others that have primarily focused on the translation activity of Cesare Pavese and Elio Vittorini as well as on the mythologization of America in the Fascist years, by choosing to analyze the translations "come testi che, volontariamente o meno, hanno offerto l'opportunita per un processo linguistico e culturale che poteva sostenere o destabilizzare le pratiche estetiche o politiche dominanti" (20).
The novel presents a certain mythologization of Robert Johnson.
In its compulsion to tell stories about the past, while doubting their factual historical truth, Historijska citanka is on the one hand a seductive mythologization of the pre-war Sarajevo and, on the other, its own doubting and self-conscious demythologizer, often talking with a sense of wonder or irony about things that in the past would have been considered as perfectly normal.
Sanctity and Scandal: The Mythologization of Mother India.
Significantly, Tournier's reading of Glob has passed unnoticed and plays no part at all in the accusations of aestheticization, mythologization, and trivialization that have been made against the novel.
Self-estrangement also figures as an inevitable factor of migration in Melliti's Pantanella, though here it is not part of a discussion about identity formation, but rather part of a larger examination of the process of mythologization of other places.
The terms continental and imperial frontier are from Richard Slotkin, "Buffalo Bill's Wild West and the Mythologization of the American Frontier," in eds.