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Noun1.mythologization - the restatement of a message as a myth
restatement - a revised statement
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In the most literal sense, Hetty's mythologization is participation in a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--a "story" or "tale.
34) In relation to theatre about the 'Troubles', the process of mythologization subsumes individual traumatic and painful events into a set of stories that include the archetypal, like love across the barricades, as well as other familiar fragments: the lucky or narrow escape from a bomb or other death-dealing event; the paramilitary combatant recruited through tragic events like Bloody Sunday (35) or other personal bereavement; the epiphany narrative that leads the protagonist to turn away from violence.
This mythologization of literature as a "spiritual act" (Hillis Miller 2002, 20), "a kind of magic" (Fforde 2003, 50), or even a form of madness presents an intoxicating vision of the literary experience.
Aiming to refocus our attention on the moment "when bodies become art," curator Martin Engler posits that Manzoni's primary target was the mythologization and commodification of the human body in postwar gestural abstraction.
A similar trajectory of mytho-historical fusion and a deeper level of mythologization would be found in the works of Wole Soyinka.
The continued efforts of three-time Bahian governor Antonio Carlos Magalhaes to promote public works, urban renewal, and tourism have all contributed to the mythologization of Baianidade.
Furthermore, the myth Homeric Hymn to Demeter as a seventh-century text, and its counterparts were composed well into the history of the sanctuary, making a strong case for understanding these texts as retroactive mythologization or historiography, if we were to, rightly, evaluate the mysteries sanctuaries as centers of ritual practice, then the words of William Robertson Smith best apply: "in almost every case the myth was derived from the ritual, and not the ritual from the myth.
A corollary of this idea, as Chejfec shows, is that to look to where such inquiry is at its greatest depth of quixotry--as when humankind attempts to mythologize (and thus use for its own ends) cultural history--and to contrast this mythologization against our immediate experience of the past and its overwhelmingly transient nature (even through the simple remembrance of a city street of which we were the sole observer, and thus the only interpreter of a given moment within time), is to regain, if only briefly, the immediacy of our own perceptions.
The subversive subtext unobtrusively attributes the sufferings of the blacks to the black blood and turns the narrative into a covert mythologization of the Southern racist system (see Shen, "Implied" 288-301 for a detailed analysis).
Beyond the mythologization of migration, best defined as the search of individuals looking for a supposed promised land, there are socioeconomic forces that direct the lives of immigrants and over which individual desires and individual agency have little power.
Roy is guilty of mythologizing one concept of the Indian, and by showing us the other, The Fall provides a commentary on this process of mythologization.