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v. my·thol·o·gized, my·thol·o·giz·ing, my·thol·o·giz·es
To convert into myth; mythicize.
1. To construct or relate a myth.
2. To interpret or write about myths or mythology.

my·thol′o·giz′er n.


(mɪˈθɒləˌdʒaɪz) or


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) to tell, study, or explain (myths)
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (intr) to create or make up myths
3. (Classical Myth & Legend) (tr) to convert into a myth
myˌthologiˈzation, myˌthologiˈsation n
myˈthologer, myˈtholoˌgizer, myˈtholoˌgiser n


(mɪˈθɒl əˌdʒaɪz)

v. -gized, -giz•ing. v.t.
1. to make into or explain as a myth; mythicize.
2. to classify, explain, or write about myths.
3. to construct or narrate myths.
[1595–1605; compare French mythologiser]
my•thol′o•giz`er, n.


Past participle: mythologized
Gerund: mythologizing

I mythologize
you mythologize
he/she/it mythologizes
we mythologize
you mythologize
they mythologize
I mythologized
you mythologized
he/she/it mythologized
we mythologized
you mythologized
they mythologized
Present Continuous
I am mythologizing
you are mythologizing
he/she/it is mythologizing
we are mythologizing
you are mythologizing
they are mythologizing
Present Perfect
I have mythologized
you have mythologized
he/she/it has mythologized
we have mythologized
you have mythologized
they have mythologized
Past Continuous
I was mythologizing
you were mythologizing
he/she/it was mythologizing
we were mythologizing
you were mythologizing
they were mythologizing
Past Perfect
I had mythologized
you had mythologized
he/she/it had mythologized
we had mythologized
you had mythologized
they had mythologized
I will mythologize
you will mythologize
he/she/it will mythologize
we will mythologize
you will mythologize
they will mythologize
Future Perfect
I will have mythologized
you will have mythologized
he/she/it will have mythologized
we will have mythologized
you will have mythologized
they will have mythologized
Future Continuous
I will be mythologizing
you will be mythologizing
he/she/it will be mythologizing
we will be mythologizing
you will be mythologizing
they will be mythologizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been mythologizing
you have been mythologizing
he/she/it has been mythologizing
we have been mythologizing
you have been mythologizing
they have been mythologizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been mythologizing
you will have been mythologizing
he/she/it will have been mythologizing
we will have been mythologizing
you will have been mythologizing
they will have been mythologizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been mythologizing
you had been mythologizing
he/she/it had been mythologizing
we had been mythologizing
you had been mythologizing
they had been mythologizing
I would mythologize
you would mythologize
he/she/it would mythologize
we would mythologize
you would mythologize
they would mythologize
Past Conditional
I would have mythologized
you would have mythologized
he/she/it would have mythologized
we would have mythologized
you would have mythologized
they would have mythologized
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.mythologize - construct a myth; "The poet mythologized that the King had three sons"
cook up, fabricate, invent, manufacture, make up - make up something artificial or untrue
2.mythologize - make into a myth; "The Europeans have mythicized Rte. 66"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
demythologise, demythologize - remove the mythical element from (writings); "the Bible should be demythologized and examined for its historical value"
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It examines the role of Plato and Socrates in Lacan's thoughts on teaching and writing; the anxiety over the role of Greek myth in psychoanalytic theory, focusing on Aristophanes' myth of Eros for both Freud and Lacan, and whether human sexuality can be understood scientifically; the role of myth in Lacan's beliefs in creationism over evolution; his defense of tragedy and use of Ovidian themes, such as the voyeurism of Actaeon and the fate of Narcissus; and the mythologizing of the female orgasm, focusing on the figure of Tiresias and his claim that women experience greater pleasure in sex than men.
It is this struggle that enables Hetty's narrative to achieve the quality of the Psyche myth after all, indicating a shift from negative to positive mythologizing.
I KNOW that mythologizing about the Labour Party in the so-called "heartlands" is commonplace but Tom Flaws really can't get away with the assertion that it was only because of the courageous socialist government of 1945 that this country has the NHS.
The mythological construction of Western civilizational origins lying in Classical Greek and Roman heritage has often served to illuminate more about the West's conception of itself (and often its own superiority) at the time of the mythologizing than any true historical connections between Classical Greek and Roman societies and modern Western societies, suggests the author, who analyzes these representations as they emerge in contemporary and modern Western theatrical appropriations of Classical Greek tragedies, particularly focusing on questions of community and identity.
From the misinformed mythologizing of Republican hero Ronald Reagan to the siphoning of public funds by Dick Cheney's war machine, Maddow sets out every heartbreaking step on America's road to perdition, its moral decline from a nation of peace and an embodiment of democracy to a bankrupt republic that does not know who it is unless it's at war with the bad guys; and while we've seen them come and go over the years, from the Soviets to Osama bin Laden, Maddow underscores the idea that the worst terror is often home-grown in a climate of self-prescribed vigilance.
The aftermath of a Japanese catastrophe gets a measured Western mythologizing in French-Canadian co-production "Memories Corner.
Before the mythologizing gets out of hand, the killing of bin Laden and the others should be defined accurately: an extralegal, cold-blooded execution that denied due process and continued the Bush-Obama delusion that the nation's violent foreign policy is accountable to no one.
Whether you know what it is or not, your understanding of the NFL has been shaped by NFL Films' trademark mythologizing style.
A fuller, more questioning analysis could have given detailed attention to the standard folk tropes that inform Guthrie's mythologizing of America and the romance of the open road, as well as noting the shifting lyrical voice within each song and its political/theological inconsistencies.
rejects the stylized storytelling and mythologizing of gangster epics.
One wonders what Plath's children think of all this mythologizing of their mother.
He gets a welcome to the madrassah and spends a month there as a provocative presence, gathering insights into Islamic extremism and anti-Jewish mythologizing that he might not have gotten had he entered undercover.