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or myth·o·pe·ic  (mĭth′ə-pē′ĭk) also myth·o·po·et·ic (-pō-ĕt′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to the making of myths.
2. Serving to create or engender myths; productive in mythmaking.

[From Greek mūthopoios, composer of fiction, from mūthopoiein, to relate a story : mūthos, story + poiein, to make; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]

myth′o·poe′ia (-pē′ə), myth′o·po·e′sis (-pō-ē′sĭs) n.


(ˌmɪθəʊˈpiːɪk) or


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) of or relating to the composition of myths; productive of myths. Also: mythopoetic or mythopoetical
ˌmythoˈpoeism n
ˌmythoˈpoeist n
References in classic literature ?
Perhaps Charles Strickland's power and originality would scarcely have sufficed to turn the scale if the remarkable mythopoeic faculty of mankind had not brushed aside with impatience a story which disappointed all its craving for the extraordinary.
The Mythlore Index Plus, which covers Mythlore, Tolkien Journal, published Mythcon proceedings, and books published by Mythopoeic Press, is available as a free pdf file; request it at http:// www.
In the context of the mythopoeic Dog Star Man (196164), they might even be giants of the earth, but such a notion is dispelled by the film's tone, and by the theme--growing up and growing away--that resonates throughout.
I want to suggest that the best answer to the riddle has to do with the essentially mythopoeic nature of Swinburne's critical method.
Architecture emerges as a mythopoeic medium, its myths holding the country's subconscious firmly in their grasp.
Celebrated here is "a mythopoeic 'gathering'" or '"mear"--like the "practice of remembering" (cf.
Wilcken writes with great lucidity about the reasons for this and the way in which structuralism was in many ways a one man show combining intellectual gymnastics, mythopoeic sensibilities, abstract formalism and stark pessimism about the developing human condition.
In a mythopoeic sense, Atlantis--as Alvey demonstrates in her second chapter, on "Mastor,"--foregrounds perhaps the central conceptual innovation in her book.
In London, I hadn't had time for Tate Britain or Tate Modern, but I managed to take in Simon Fujiwara's mythopoeic and playfully intertextual solo show, "Since 1982," at Tate St Ives while just getting my bearings.
And that, the mythopoeic view, seems to be the one currently and generally held by the medical profession.
Reaney's 1957 essay implicitly rehearses the familiar story of an original mythic unity achieved by ancient First Nations' stories, followed by a fall into alienation and separation through much of Canada's intervening literature which is insufficiently mythopoeic, with glimpses of a paradisal unity regained in the poetry of his own era.