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or myth·o·pe·ic  (mĭth′ə-pē′ĭk) also myth·o·po·et·ic (-pō-ĕt′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to the making of myths.
2. Serving to create or engender myths; productive in mythmaking.

[From Greek mūthopoios, composer of fiction, from mūthopoiein, to relate a story : mūthos, story + poiein, to make; see kwei- in Indo-European roots.]

myth′o·poe′ia (-pē′ə), myth′o·po·e′sis (-pō-ē′sĭs) n.


the creation of myths. — mythopoeist, n. — mythopoeic, adj.
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De Planctu would have been read by many medievalists during Tolkien's tenure, and it remains an important text for those interested in medieval attempts at Christian mythopoesis.
It rises to mythopoesis, and makes this reader want very much to read Ez Eldin's award-winning novels, not all of which have yet been translated into English.
45) To study religious content in films is to study directly "the processes at work in mythopoesis and meaning-making.
Other subjects include communist small-press pamphlets, the politics of anonymous authorship, diagrammatic publishing in Mute magazine, and artist Wu MingAEs political mythopoesis.
While there is an obvious difference between the two--the one looking to the bible as the source of mythopoesis, the other to dicta of the Ancient Greeks--the connections are compelling.
van Leeuwen (2007), for example, discusses four resources of legitimation: authorization (legitimation by referring to authorities), moral evaluation (legitimation by referring to morality), rationalization (legitimation by referring to certain rhetoric strategies), and mythopoesis (legitimation conveyed through narratives on past successful experiences).
Indeed, in the spirit of Symbolist mythopoesis (mifotvorchestvo), Ivanov, in Infancy, does not shun hagiographical motifs in creating a myth of the Poet who will recapture the lost powers of art.
See also Aaron Hughes, "The Stranger at the Sea: Mythopoesis in the Qur'an and early tafsir," Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 32 (2003): 261-79.
Under the influence of mythopoesis, kaupapa Maori, autobiography, radicalism, and elements from European tradition, he shaped Hinenuitepo, and other mythical females, into a new kind of culture heroine: the warrior-matriarch.
Pop,' that free-floating and endlessly proliferating network of glitzy mass-mediated celebrity mythopoesis and commodity fetishized relations within which Nkumreh has become a minor footnote by the time of taking on his lectureship, defines contemporary social life as represented in John Henry Days.
of narrative and reader; (4) (b) mythopoesis, which emphasizes some
Unlike Whitman who "must compress or conjure away finite historical time" to achieve "a universalism of democratic life," Shapiro argues, contemporary novels such as Harrison's Bodies Electric (1993) provide "a realism about the micropolitics of the city that is passed over in the mythopoesis of Walt Whitman" (201, 210).