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 (mī′thŏs, mĭth′ŏs)
n. pl. my·thoi (mī′thoi, mĭth′oi)
1. Myth.
2. Mythology.
3. The pattern of basic values and attitudes of a people, characteristically transmitted through myths and the arts.

[Greek mūthos.]


(ˈmaɪθɒs; ˈmɪθɒs)
n, pl -thoi (-θɔɪ)
1. (Sociology) the complex of beliefs, values, attitudes, etc, characteristic of a specific group or society
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) another word for myth, mythology


(ˈmɪθ ɒs, ˈmaɪ θɒs)

n., pl. myth•oi (ˈmɪθ ɔɪ, ˈmaɪ θɔɪ)
1. the underlying system of beliefs, esp. those dealing with supernatural forces, characteristic of a particular cultural group.
[1745–55; < Greek mŷthos; see myth]

mythos, mythus

1. myth.
2. mythology.
3. the interrelationship of value structures and historical experiences of a people, usually given expression through the arts.
See also: Mythology
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A body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject:
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Last month I went to Jason Atherton's Marina Social and also tried out the new Greek restaurant, Mythos Kouzina & Grill in JLT, launched by the founders of Elia, in Bur Dubai.
Pugmire masterfully bring Lovecraftian mythos to life, particularly in their rendition of Lovecraft's beautiful yet deadly Dreamworld.
One supposes that if you're going to reference the King Arthur mythos in your band name, you better deliver something epic.
The Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) has recently approved the merger of Mythos Brewery (Carlsberg) and Olympic Brewery (Fix).
The 10-day Festival Mythos Berlin offered a glimpse of the Weimar Republic's excesses, innovations, and societal vicissitudes from March 13-22 through the lens of music composed in that era -- the period just before the Third Reich was formed.
com)-- The website of the hotel Mythos Palace Resort & Spa was redesigned and adjusted to new technologies that are prevailing on the internet, with responsive design friendly to the users, compatible with all devices (desktop, mobile, tablets).
The former largest Riva is the 122-foot M/Y Mythos, which was introduced this summer.
To analyze how, and then answer why, Beagle has transformed the traditional unicorn mythos, it is useful to start with Bogdan Trocha's 2009 book on myths in modern fantasy literature, entitled Degradacja mitu w literaturze fantasy (The Degradation of Myth in Fantasy Literature; translation of the title mine).
When he answers the ad, all manner of trouble emerges as he encounters a witch, an occult master, and a sinister focus on the Cthulhu Mythos that is bringing vast changes to Arkham.
This unique experience on the Web creates an original and compelling environment that portrays the scope and grandeur of the much-beloved Star Wars mythos as interpreted by Genndy Tartakovsky and the Star Wars: Clone Wars creative team.
Definitive developed the Mythos XTR-50 to look great on a wall or shelf next to an ultra-thin television, with no sacrifice in sound quality.
They find not just a portrayal of the idyllic or treacherous environment during a particular period of US history, but a central component of the American mythos.