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(Botany) a slime mould, esp a slime mould of the phylum Myxomycota (division Myxomycetes in traditional classifications)
ˌmyxomyˈcetous adj

slime′ mold`

any of various funguslike organisms belonging to the phylum Myxomycota of the kingdom Protista, characterized by a somatic ameboid phase and a streaming phase in which the separate organisms merge and produce spore-bearing fruiting bodies. Also called myxomycete.
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Noun1.myxomycete - a slime mold of the class Myxomycetesmyxomycete - a slime mold of the class Myxomycetes
slime mold, slime mould - a naked mass of protoplasm having characteristics of both plants and animals; sometimes classified as protoctists
class Myxomycetes, Myxomycetes - the class of true slime molds; essentially equivalent to the division Myxomycota