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A synthetic cannabinoid, C24H36N3, used to treat nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy and to treat anorexia in patients with AIDS.

[(can)nab(inoid) + -il (probably alteration of -yl) + -one.]
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nabilone, dronabinol] are effective against chemotherapy-induced emesis.
Nabilone was evaluated in 16 trials; dronabinol was utilized in 13 trials; and IM levonantradol, a synthetic cannabinoid analog of dronabinol, was used in 1 trial.
Two prescription cannabis-derived medicines marketed in the United States and Canada are dronabinol (schedule III--sold in the US as Marinol) and nabilone (schedule II--sold in the US as Cesamet).
The effects of nabilone on sleep in fibromyalgia: results of a randomized controlled trial.
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Please note that "medical marijuana" does not include cannabinoids that have gone through FDA approval such as dronabinol and nabilone.
Medications such as dronabinol and nabilone consist of psychoactive ingredients of the cannabis plant, and are available in a number of countries for the treatment of medical conditions, such as nausea after chemotherapy, pain and spasticity.
There are also cannabinoids that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)--dronabinol (a synthetic version of THC) and nabilone (a synthetic cannabinoid).
Ko prefers synthetic cannabinoids, such as the FDA-approved Marinol or nabilone (Cesamet).
One of the two fibromyalgia studies was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted in 2008 that assessed nabilone in 40 fibromyalgia patients.
Synthetic cannabinoids include dronabinol (Marinol[R]) and nabilone (Cesamet[R]).