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Noun1.nail enamel - a cosmetic lacquer that dries quickly and that is applied to the nails to color them or make them shinynail enamel - a cosmetic lacquer that dries quickly and that is applied to the nails to color them or make them shiny
cosmetic - a toiletry designed to beautify the body
enamel - any smooth glossy coating that resembles ceramic glaze
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Risque by Ffypermarcas, the leader in nail enamels, presented its Homens que Amamos (Men who we love) collection for fall/winter 2015.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electric-Chrome Collection includes six shimmering nail enamels inspired by the hit movie.
Once dried, Revlon's Parfumerie Nail Enamels smell like the sophisticated scents you might find on a perfume counter, with 20 shades divided into fragrance families.
If anything is set to get you ready for summer, it's these nail enamels from Revlon.
France-based Fiabila is one of the world's leading private label manufacturers of nail enamels for the industry's top brands.
Offers a stunning contrast between the acid bright shades of the Dior Addict Glitter Collection and the deep hues of the two new Dior Addict nail enamels.
According to industry experts, nail enamels are a $350 million-a-year market, and Lerner is looking to protect Urban Decay's piece of that pie.
The brand, which offers a complete line-up of cosmetic items, ranging from nail enamels and lipcolor, to mascara, eyeliners and shadows, is perhaps best distinguished by its line-up of unexpected, first-ever products such as "Body Haze," "Body Paints," and "Body Jewelry" -- items which bring the possibilities for beauty to new heights, and more body parts.
Revlon has just launched selected shades of its Nail Enamels, pounds 6.
NLFG: These glitters are offered for formulations containing solvents or alcohol, typically nail enamels and bath products where zero bleeding is expected.
There are also two Addict Nail Enamels (pounds 13) in limited edition colours - a sparkling pink and a sequinned pale coral red.
The range includes Diamond Hard Nail Enamels, pounds 3.