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nail biter

also nail·bit·er (nāl′bī′tər)
1. One who bites one's fingernails as a nervous habit.
2. A situation marked by tense nervousness or apprehension, especially an athletic contest whose outcome is uncertain near its finish.

nail biting n.


1. a person who bites his or her nails
2. a person who is anxious or tense
3. something that causes anxiety or tension
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That semi-final proved a real nailbiter for the Liverpool lads as the match finished goalless and went to penalties.
Jake Livermore joined the fray in the closing seconds and, after a nailbiter of a night, England reached the final whistle with all three points and 90 gruelling minutes under their belt.
The nailbiter, according to Gilas cadets coach Jong Uichico, 'was a bad game for us.
The Eden Park nailbiter was described by All Blacks boss Steve Hansen as "feeling a bit like kissing your sister".
Like a World Cup Final penalty shootout, the battle between Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer and EA's FIFA for footy game supremacy has been a real nailbiter the past few seasons.
After week 1's incredible standing-on-one-leg competition, episode 2's leaning-against-a-board nailbiter was so exciting I very nearly woke up.
The third game was also a nailbiter which was won by Omar with the game score 14/12.
The 29yearold was " just relieved it wasn't another nailbiter like Liechtenstein back in 2010 when Scotland needed a stoppagetime winner to stave off a shock on home soil.
In the other semi-final, Lisicki, who endured a three-set quarter-final nailbiter on Thursday, took the first set 6-3 before Jankovic stormed back.
On Saturday, he defeated Chinese Taipei's Tien Chen Chou in another nailbiter.
IN the Bob Sturrock Cup, Seghill Village won a nailbiter against Dinnington Village - with the scores level 5-5 after extra time.
All three meetings between the franchises this season have been won by seven points or fewer and there is no reason to think that tonight's showdown will be anything other than a nailbiter.