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(Crafts) a decorative device, as on tooled leather, resembling the round head of a nail



1. the flattened or rounded top of a nail.
2. an ornament that resembles this.
nail′-head`ed, adj.
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Noun1.nailhead - something resembling the head of a nail that is used as an ornamental device
decoration, ornament, ornamentation - something used to beautify
2.nailhead - flattened boss on the end of nail opposite to the point
knob, boss - a circular rounded projection or protuberance
nail - a thin pointed piece of metal that is hammered into materials as a fastener
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Caption: 8 The Sloan Queen Bed, shown here in Cream Velvet, is part of Orient Express Furniture's Villa Collection, which includes an individual nailhead trim and a tufted headboard with sloped wings.
Vintage-style barbershops have been opening throughout the city-think tufted leather couches, roomy chairs with nailhead trim, and dark wood paneling.
Loop the fishing line over the nailhead and over the top of the door.
Milky Way a frozen spark twinkling in the nailhead of my one good eye.
99 Glass ree Glasses Soiree wine glasses (set of four), John Lewis PS35 Wallpaper Vintage flock wallpaper by Kelly Hoppen, Graham & Brown Chairs Dominic grey curved nailhead dining chair (set of two), Overstock, www.
The resistance to nailhead pull-through in sheathing is influenced by similar factors, including material density and conditioning, as well as other factors, such as nailhead diameter and the sheathing thickness (Herzog and Yeh 2006).
A rosehead nail - a very early form of nail construction - is formed by three or four well-placed hammer strokes on a heated nailhead, James explains, giving it a bit of an angular appearance and forming a very strong head.
A stunning conversation piece, the contemporized (6) wing chair by Noir is covered in burlap with dark nailhead trim.
Each wheel had its own engine, a Nailhead Buick V8, so called by hot-rodders for the small size and vertical placement of its valves.
4 Woolrich has a new line of upholstered furniture to show at market, including this striking two-tone leather chair with matched, sloped ottoman, both with nailhead detailing.
I slashed my paw on a tiny nailhead in an old fence that I jumped up at.