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n. pl. naira
See Table at currency.

[Alteration of Nigeria.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Nigeria, divided into 100 kobo
[C20: altered from Nigeria]


(ˈnaɪ rə)

n., pl. -ras.
the basic monetary unit of Nigeria, introduced in 1973.
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Noun1.naira - the basic unit of money in Nigeria
Nigerian monetary unit - monetary unit in Nigeria
kobo - 100 kobos equal 1 naira in Nigeria
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The Minister of Budget and National Planning, Udoma Udoma, said 'We are targeting to mobilize at least $25 billion or its equivalent in Naira, in private investments and about 240 projects have so far been screened for the labs.
The capital is transformed into 10 million shares valued at 1 Naira per share.
But it is abundantly clear that the official price of 145 naira for a litre of petrol is not realistic, having been set when the crude oil price was much lower than current levels of above $60.
Event hosts Atta Yaqub, Naira Dar, Clare Ennis, head of organisational development and equality at UWS, and Rupa Mooker
4 billion naira ($2 billion) from a year earlier, according to data from NSE's website.
On 27 June the market closed with naira at 281 to the US dollar, compared to a 16-month peg of 197 naira to the dollar.
The naira was pegged to between 197 and 199 naira for one US dollar for the past 15 months.
com/amid-low-oil-prices-will-nigeria-devalue-naira-currency-imf-buhari-meet-over-economic-2248449) urged Nigeria to devalue its naira currency to absorb the impact of falling oil prices and other external shocks to the economy, so it can then recover - a tactic that has helped other African nations cope with economic stress.
She advocated more flexibility in the management of the naira as the capacity of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to defend the naira wanes, depleting external reserves.
For him, the 212 naira to a dollar exchange rate in the parallel market and 197 in the official market as at 27th August are simply 'not good for business'.
According to the EFCC website, the suspects stole 'tonnes of defaced Naira notes' meant to be destroyed, by replacing them with 'newspapers neatly cut to Naira sizes'.
TC = Total Cost ([naira]) (consists of the cost of purchase in naira, the cost of storage in naira per week and the cost of transportation in naira per week);