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A ravine or gully, especially in southern Asia.

[Bengali and Hindi nālā, channel, nullah, and similar forms in other Indic languages, all from Middle Indic nāḷa, nāla, hollow stalk, tube, from Sanskrit nāḍaḥ, from naḍaḥ, reed, variant (perhaps influenced by Dravidian words akin to Kannada naḷ, reed) of nadaḥ; akin to Persian nay, reed, flute, Armenian net, arrow, and Hittite nātaš, reed, arrow, and perhaps further akin to Sanskrit nadati, he roars, howls, cries.]


(Physical Geography) a stream or drain
[C18: from Hindi nālā]


or na•la

(ˈnʌl ə)

n., pl. -lahs or -las. (esp. in S Asia)
a gully or ravine.
[1770–80; < Hindi nālā brook, ravine]
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Noun1.nullah - a ravine or gully in southern Asia
vale, valley - a long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river
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It may be noted the provincial government during the concluding months of last budget the KMC was gives Rs500 million for cleanliness of their nalas.
Speaking on Gujjar Nala, Jam Khan said that around 13000 units established along the nala have been removed and the width of the nala which had reduced to four feet have been widened.
Work on other 26 nalas would be started just after eid and this de-silting work would continue till next six months to clean them completely," he said.
Before three small dams were built across a nearby nala, or seasonal stream, Sakarben and the other women in her family had been forced to sell their gold jewelry, then leave Saurashtra to work as diamond polishers in Surat, one of the industrial centers of Gujarat state.
He got down from his jeep at Boating Basin and Qayoomabad nalas where de-slitting was done.
The meeting discussed matters related to cleanliness of nalas and strengthening of embankments of River Indus.
The nalas which had width of over 30 feet have now reduced to seven to eight feet because people have constructed their houses on and along them.
Known as a localized PR firm offering large-scale PR and marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses, The NALA needed a solution that would increase efficiency to compete with the competition as well as support its big-picture mission to serve clients across a multitude of industries, including insurance, legal, real estate, food and beverage, construction and medical.
This he said while presiding over an emergent meeting here at CM House Monday on cleanliness of nalas and strengthening of embankments of River Indus.
On this the Chief Minister said that he has reports that encroachments have started emerging along the nalas and embankments of canals in Hyderabad division.
The programme is closely geared to the current NALAS strategy, its objectives and areas of activity:
The NALAS network brings together 16 LGAs, which represent 9000 local authorities, directly elected by 80 million citizens in the SEE.