The time of day when one takes a nap.
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Gone are the days whenall you have to think of is yourself or your husband; those carefree days when you can do anything and everything on a whim, without having to worry about your child's feeding schedule, naptime, or school requirement.
Angela Acosta is a 20-year-old dedicated naptime advocate who thrives on karak tea, poetry, and good music.
The group offers these tips for a successful visit: Don't schedule an appointment during naptime.
While babysitting one day, I used the child's naptime to call a club and ask if it was hiring.
Imagine the possibilities of a physical book with an accompanying cloud-based audio track - a visually impaired parent or grandparent will be able to share the experience at naptime or bedtime by listening to the podcast as the child follows along in the book," said Wachs.
Other sleep-related variables included naptime during the day, reported in hours ("What is the longest time this child naps during the day?
Like chasing shadow monsters, drop-kicking Toadies, and mastering monster-fighting moves like the Naptime Headlock and Playground Punch.
Be prepared to move straight to naptime or bedtime as soon as you see your child's sleepy cues.
We wish we could have stayed at Alton Towers longer, but, with naptime nearing and the M6 awaiting us, it was time for a tired toddler to head off and have sweet dreams of CBeebies Land and all it has to offer.
From a personal perspective," he says, "some of my best ideas pop up during or after my naptime.
Naptime, noun: Something you resist your entire childhood, then guiltily crave for the rest of your life.